Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 12 2017 Jerome


Today we took a ride up to Jerome,once a booming mine town of 15,000. In 1876 3 prospectors staked claims on rich copper deposits and then sold out to the United Verde Copper company in 1883. Costs ran high and 2 years later the company folded.A new owner named Wiiliam Clark came along and brought the railroad in and that started the mining boom in Jerome. The mine was the largest producing mine in AZ. In 1912 James Douglas came along and opened up The Little Daisy mine bringing to Jerome 2 large mines. The town continued to grow and by 1953 the mines closed and people left. We went up to the Douglas Mansion which is now a museum of the history of Jerome and the Douglas family.The Douglas Mansion has been a landmark since 1916 when he built it for his family and also used it as a hotel for miming investors.Today Jerome has a population of 500.The town is very touristy set along the hillside and has lots of shopping and restaurant.


Douglas Mansion

Douglas Mansion


Little Daisy Mine


Audrey Headframe and Shaft to mine


Jaw crusher




Train cars used in the mines

After our time at the Mansion we went uptown to experience the Haunted Hamburger for lunch.A must lunch stop.


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