Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nov.19,2010 Nassau

We're coming to the end of our cruise and Nassau is our last port. Their is another ship in the harbor next to us from NCL.
Nassau is a busy port and we walked into town and went to the straw market.Sam wasn't feeling good so he went back to the ship and George and Janice and I went over to Paradise Island.
We took a cab over to Paradise Island where the harbor is filled with huge yachts and a casino.It's very pretty over here and also has a shopping area.We walked around and went into the casino then took the boat back to the ship.
This is the glass sculpture at the entrance of the casino.There is a couple more inside.
Our cruise is at the end and we will be arriving in Galveston on the 21st. See ya down the road. Sam and Carolyn

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov.11,2010 Canary Island

 La Palma is known as the green or beautiful island.It's covered in trees and vegetation and includes volcanoes,lava flows and the world's largest crater. Bananas are their main crop.There are bananas everywhere.Santa Cruz is the capital is the La Palma.It is a city with brightly colored homes and ornate balconies.

Bananas bananas every where
LaGalga is a tiny town on the edge of 2 deep gorges with views.Some of the flowers on the island.
Time to leave and cruise for awhile.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov.10,2010 Madeira

We arrived in Madeira,Portugal today and was sheduled for a bus tour of the island.Funchal is the capital of Madeira which is located 350 miles fromN. Africa. The island is lush with greenery and mountains.They are also known for their Madeira wine.As you come to the island you can see all the beautiful red top houses on the hillsides.

Cabo Girao is the second highest sea cliff in the world at 1804 ft.and offers stunning panoramic views.
We had a great time on this Island and could spend more time here. Now it's time to move on.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov.8,2010 Cartagena,Spain

Today we arrived in Cartagena and will walk to town and see the sites.Cartagena is a historic port located on the southeast mediterranean coast of the the Iberian Pennisula. This city dates back well over 2000 years.Sailing into the port you can imagine what the Phoenicians,Greeks and Romans seen as we did when we arrived. As you enter the port you can see the fort and the sea wall.Photos coming into the port.
This is the Concepcion Castle and is the ruins of a fortress that formed part of the city's defenses.This castle sits atop Torres park and overlooks the city and harbor.
The first thing we did was get on a city bus and rode around the town.

After riding around the city we walked to the city square.They have a beautiful town hall in the center of the town.The Palacio Consistorial has been beautifully restored.
In 1987 they discovered The Roman Theater which had long been forgotten and buried for more than 2000 years.They are slowly undergoing archeological excavation of the site.This was cut into a hillside of old city neighborhoods and the theater could hold over 6000 people.It's absolutely amazing to see something this old and know that this is part of early history. Wow this is all I can say. Pictures of the Roman Theater.
After all the siteseeing it was time for a nice lunch along the street.George and Janice and Sam and I sat and had lunch on outside table and watched the people. I don't now what this guy was selling.Now it's time to go back to the ship.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov7,2010 Park Guell

Today the bus came to pick us up  and take us to Park Guell and then to our cruise ship.Park Guell is a World Heritage Site and was designed by Gaudi. The project was suppose to be a utopia of sorts.There is a large colonnade to be used as a square for families and colorful benches atop the structure.Gaudi also had a home here. Some photosof the area.
Next we're off to our ship Voyagers of the Seas.We've had a great 3 days in Barcelona and want to return someday.

Nov.7 2010 Cruising

7We are now on our cruise ship Voyager of the Seas heading for Cartegna,Spain. This is a very large ship and carries 3500 hundred passengers.Alittle bigger than we like. The first nite we got to meet our tablemates at dinner and here are photos of all.
Friends George and Janice Olsen
                                             Stephen Kent(Texas)
Dick and Wanda Patzer (Arkansas)
Al and Joan Hansen ( Wisconsin)
 Sam and I

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov.6,2010 Winery and more

The tour bus picked us this morning and we headed out to a winery called Freixenet. Freixenet was founded in 1889 and is the largest and most renowed cava houses in all of Spain. Their sparkling wines (cava) is comparable to Frances Moet and Chandon.They have a great tour and it also encompasses a train ride of the caverns.
Old vechicles Sam and me

Sam and George
Janice and me
Inside the caves
Train ride through the caves

 Lots of wine
Ready to get back on the bus

Next we went to the Olympic Village

Overlook of city and harbor
Our next stop was in the Rambles where we seen the old city walls and where the king use to stay.

On this tour we also went past another famous place that Gaudi built.This home was called Casa Mila better known as La Pedrera because of the uneven grey stone that ripples around a corner and gives a wavy effect. Lots of grill work on balconies.A very unusual house.
Beach area,sand brought in for the olympics
Until tomorrow