Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Valentines Feb.14th,2010

    We have been having a great time here in Benson at the SKP park. So much to do with lots of activities.They had a great dinner and dance for Valentines. The dinner was made by Addie and her crew and was all home made. The best tasting lasagne I’ve had and she also made homemade Cannoli. Um,Um good.Here’s a photo of our table. On the 19th they had a party for the new leaseholders and gave us flowers,and a plaque and interviewed all of us. It was very nice and made us feel like family. 


One day we decided to go to Tubac, Az. and take in this quaint town and their Art and Craft Festival.Tubac has over a 250 year old history and has a growing artist colony.It was discovered by Juan Bautista De Anza and he became the commandant of the Presidio. Father Kino came along and built many missions along the Santa Cruz River.Tubac is a shopper’s paradise with art galleries,crafts,and great restaurants.IMG_1545


Don’t forget to visit Tubac when your in the area.I also had to make a fast trip up to Sacramento to see Doctor and  have tests done. After I got to Az. doctors called  back and we will be going back to Sac. to see a kidney specialist. Our trip east will be delayed for awhile.Safe travels.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We finally arrived in Benson on the 1st and that evening they had Monday night Tacos. They have so many activities it’s hard to keep up. They had there annual meeting and it was vey organized and no arguments. We got to see our new Casita and it’s pretty nice although we have some work to do on the outside. We’ve been to dinners,played Boci ball, learned some ballroom dances,went to super bowl pigout, and I went to the bead show with some of the ladies. That was overwhelming with so many beads,but I was able to still buy some can’t do without beads. Yesterday the 9th it was my birthday so Sam and I went to see friends in Tucson. We went to movies and saw Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson which was pretty good. After the movie I wanted ribs for dinner so made it to Chili’s. It was a full day and we got back to Benson around 7p.m. that night. Today it’s raining so I got caught up on some much needed laundry. Glad that’s done. Bye for now!