Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct 14 ,2011 Another Wedding

We moved to Petaluma to spend a week at my sister's and go to our niece's wedding in Sonoma.My brother's daughter is getting married on the 14th at the Fairmont Mission Inn in Sonoma.On Thursday night they had the rehersal dinner and later cocktail and dinner. We had a nice evening with a open bar and buffet dinner. A photo of the bride to be and future mother-in-law.

Another photo of Me,Sister-in-law Din,Sister Kathie,Sam
The wedding turned out beautiful with my nephew Dean giving his sister away.I know my brother was looking down from above and we felt his spirit with us.This was a small wedding of about 70 people. The bridgroom's family was from Santa Barbara and most everyone was from out of town. This is a wedding we won't forget.Wonderful ordourves of jumbo Shrimp,Oyster shooters and a couple others.Open bar with anything you want to drink.The meal started with Sushi and Caviar. Next was Lobster Ravioli with Lobster sauce,Salad with impoted cheese,and either Filet Mignon or Seared Salmon. Here's some photos of the wedding.

Niece Heather,Brother-in-law George and Sister Kathie
Dean and Din
Groom and parents Everett Graham,Linda
Linda and Graham
At the reception there was a candy shop where you could fill bags for your sweet tooth.

Something different at the reception was a basket  with a little treat for your dancing feet take a pair and hit the floor.Great idea for the feet that hurt.
Cousins Dean, Heather,Jason,Jill and Linda
Our Family
We wish Linda and Graham much love and happiness for many years to come.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct.3,2011 Seaside

We arrived in Seaside at Leisure Time Resorts and stayed 10 days.The weather was really windy and storming the day we arrived and the day before we left. It was nice the time in between.We were there to visit Sam's aunt who is 99 and see his cousin. His aunt is not doing as good as when we saw her in May,she will be 100 in Dec. We hope to see her at her hundred birthday. We spent some time with Sam's cousin Bonnie and saw her sister Jeannie. Jeannie came down to Seaside so we all went out to lunch at a small Mexican place in Warrenton.We were able to sit outside overlooking Young's Bay and the Columbia and enjoy the beautiful view and sunshine.

The photo is of Sam,Jeannie,Alan,(Bonnie's other half) Bonnie and Jeannie's boyfriend Dave.

Bonnie has bought a house on Cullaby Lake and has had to completely remodel it.It needed lots of work but once it's finished it will be very nice and has a beautiful backyard with access to the lake.

When we got ready to leave Seaside our jacks wouldn't retract and Sam spent a couple hours trying to get them to work.Finally he got them fixed and we were on our way.Today has not been a good day we were on Hwy.26 to Portland and there was a accident and held us up another couple of hours.We aren't making much progress today.It was getting later and we hit the commute traffic around Portland so we ended up staying at Keizer Elks.This is a very nice lodge with lots of full hookups.They had a full house for dinner that night for Hambugers,fries and onion rings.It was cheap and good.The next night we ended staying in Talent ,Ore. at a Passport America park.I wouldn't recomend anyone staying there as it's full of trashy trailers and right by the highway. It was $14. a night. The next day we drove all the way to a TT/Naco park called Lake Minden which is about 35 minutes to Sacramento. We will stay here until the 12th and then go to Petaluma to my sister's.We also have dr.'s appt. in Sac this week so it's close enough to go everyday. That's it for now.