Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31,2008 Snake River boat trip

're camped along the Snake River and decided that we would like to take the boat trip into Hell's Canyon.It was quite pricey (total 298.00) but thought this is one trip we always wanted to take.We got up early to meet the boat and it looked to be a nice day. Here's some pictures. We stopped at Cache Creek Ranch and took a break and walked around. There is a old root cellar here. Nice stop and picnic area. We made another stop at Kirby Creek Ranch some people spend the night here. More photos of our trip.

Along the river we past by areas with limestone formations.

Nice views of the mountains and snow .

Along the way we stopped at Kirkwood Ranch.In 1885 the Kirkwoods built 2 cabins on the property and moved shortly thereafter.After passing through many hands it ended up being a sheep ranch. Later on in 1975 theCongress designated it part of the National Recreation area. The forest service is in charge of the area.The white ranch house was built in 1925.
There is a log cabin that is now used for a museum.
Ther is also nice stream going through the property. It was very nice and peaceful listening to the water rush over the rocks.
The last stop on the boat was to see 1000 year old petrogyls. We had a great day and really enjoyed the boat ride. Tomorrow were back on the road again. See what our next stop holds for us.

Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30,2008 Nez Perce National Historic park

Yesterday we arrived in Lewiston for 3 days at the Hell's gate State Park. 3 days for 68.13. This is a nice campground on the Snake River. This area is the Gateway to Lewis and Clark Expedition and also Hell's Canyon ,the deepest river gorge on the Snake in North America. We took off in the car and went to Nez Perce (spaulding site) park. There's a museum and buildings to explore.
Here's a photo of the Watson's general store.
The presbytarians church.
The coming of the railroad.
Lapwai Mission Cemetery where many of the Nez Perce Indians are buried.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29,2008 Whitman Mission

Today we left Rufus and and headed for Lewiston ,Id. where we would spent several days. Along the way we came across Whitman Mission and decided to stop since it was a stamp in my park passport book. The Whitman's left N.Y. in 1835 and were going to establish a mission on the Nez Perce. Also known as the Oregon Trail.Other missionaries arrived but the Indians were indifferent to the ways of religious ,schools and worship of the white man. After 11 years there was unrest with the Indians and a Measles outbreak.With half the indians dying from the measles and not responding to American medicine they accused Whitman of trying to poison them. One thing led to another and the Cayuse attacked the mission and killed the Whitmans among others. The killings ended any missions in the oregon country.This wagon is like the ones used to forge the Oregon Trail.A monument to the Whitman's stands on the hill where Narcissa used to go and watch for her husband to return from his trips.The grave at the Mission.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 Columbia River Gorge

Today we left Seaside under cloudycold and rainy conditions. If with the rain it was beautiful drive. We passed Multnomah Falls and I took a photo from the motorhome.
After driving 198 miles today we decided to stop at Rufus exit 97. We decided to dry camp along the Columbia River. There were several other rv's there and they even had some wind surfers. The wind was really blowing and we went inside and watched the surfers from our seats. We sat there watching the barges going up and down the river and all the rest of the evening.

May 28, 2008 Columbia River Gorge

We left Seaside today under cold,cloudy and rainy weather. Even with the bad weather it's a beautiful drive. I was able to get a photo from the motorhome of Multnomah Falls. Driving along the river we came to John Day Dam and took a shot from themotorhome.
We decided that we drove 198 miles and it was time to stop for the night.We stopped at Rufus exit 97 and found a nice place to dry camp along the river.The wind was really blowing and there were some wind surfers out. We hunkered down and just enjoyed the river and view.
We watched from our window and saw the barges going up and down the river.

May 28,2008 Columbia River Gorge

We left Seaside today under cold,cloudy.and rainy conditions. It still is a pretty drive along the Columbia River even in the rain. We past Multnomah Falls and tried to get a decent photo from the motorhome.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27,2008 Peter Iredale

While on the beach we drove down to the Peter Iredale shipwreck. This ship was built in England in1890. In Sept. 1906 it left Mexico and headed to Portland. When it got to the Tillamook lighthouse it changed it's course so they could enter the Columbia River. The ship ran ashore near Warrenton and they tried to move out to sea but got embedded in the sand and there it stayed. This is what's left of it after all these years.

May 27,2008

This week Sam has been busy working around his aunt's place and he's lost about 15 pds. I went to Costco to get a rebate on my camera I had just bought. Ihad bought the Cannon sd890 for 370 and they bnown had a 20.00 rebate on it. They did give my 20.00 back.

Memorial Day we decided to take a ride to the beach and ride along the ocean. People were barbecueing and having family outings.This was a day to remember all that have passed on and all our military soliders across the waters. We stopped on the beach and just sat there looking at the waves. It's such a peaceful feeling.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21,2008

We've been here at Sam's aunt for a week now and the weather has been cold and rainy,except one day it got to 95 and everyone just about died.Our friends came down from Hood River for the weekend.Sam has been friends with Jim and Teri since high school and was best man in their wedding. When we come to Seaside they always come down for the weekend. Friday nite we all went to the Shilo Inn for dinner and I had crab it was delicious. Sam and Jim took a bike ride up to the old crown logging camp and were gone 4 hrs. They were wore out when they got back. Sunday we met Jim and Teri and went to Pig N' Pancake for breakfast. After, we took a walk around town and on the Prom along the beach. Town was busy as always with the tourists.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16,2008 Ina's

We're here at Ina's and will stay a couple weeks. Sam has some projects to do at the house and will be busy while here. Here's a picture of our spot next to the house ,not too bad.Here's or rv next to the water and house.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14,2008

Today we moved from LTR to Sam's aunt's and will stay a couple of weeks. The weather has been nasty since to got to Seaside. Foggy,cold and rainy.I'm hoping for it to warm up.We went out to dinner for Mother's Day to Dooger's and I had scallops that were real good.Mother's got 1/2 off for dinner so that was a good deal.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7,2008 Seaside

We arrived in Seaside today and will be staying at LTR for a week. I Have a terrible cold and don't want Sam's aunt to catch it. She's 96 and could get sick very easily. Here's some photos of Seaside.Seaside is known for the end of the Lewis and Clark trail and has a statue of them at the turnaround. Many picrures are taken here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6,2008 7 Feathers Casino

Today we were slow getting on the road but not going that far. We stopped in Canyonville at the 7 Feathers Casino and dry camped for the night. They do have a campground that's very nice but a little pricey(35). We decided to spend our money eating in the casino. Tomorrow we will head to Seaside.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008 Shasta Lake

Today we left for Ore. and passed Shasta lake on the way.Weather was clear and nice.We decided to stop at Sims Flat Campground. It's about 10 miles south of Dunsmuir on Sims Rd. We stayed at this campground about 30 yrs. ago and didn't know if we would be able to get in with a big rv. We unhooked the car and drove it down to the campground, it was a go. This is a nice stop and will handle large rv's. This is a forest service campground and cost us $6.00 with our golden age pass. It's on the Sacramento River. Years ago it was a CCC camp.
Another photo in the campground.
This park has a few nice trails along the river and you can walk to the steel suspension bridge. From this bridge you have some beautiful views of Mt. Shasta.
The suspension bridge

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4,2008 Canyon Creek

We arrived at Canyon Creek Resort at Winters,Ca. We found a nice spot on the river and were able to have visitors. (the ducks).Here's our site on the water.
Another picture
The kid's came in their rv for the weekend but Jill had to work on Saturday and drive the car back to Sac. They went home Sunday and we stayed around another day before heading to Ore. The cottonwood trees were shedding and Sam and I were feeling awful. He ended going to the Dr. before heading to Ore. and getting some meds.