Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan.1,2015 Happy New Year (Recap 2014)

We wish everyone a happy new year, good health and happiness. Since I was lax in getting my blogs out last year here is a recap of 2014.
We started our year out in Quartzsite with friends from Ark., and Calif. This has been our 16 year being in Q for Jan. Again there were happy hours, visiting friends, potlucks and shopping.We love to come to Q and met up with friends old and new.We were busy while here.

Feb.and March
Our next destanation was Benson where we have a lot and stayed for 2 months.This is a Escapees CoOp park and we love it here. I engaged in beading and Sam working on getting our casita painted and doing various other things. We participated in 4 wheel drives, happy hours, potlucks, dinners dances and many other activites.We never have a dull moment here keep very busy.

We left Benson and ventured up to Tucson for the chapter 21 rally and had a enjoyable time. We visited Sabino Canyon, went to a play and saw Beach Blanket Bingo and had happy hours along with dinners.A great time was had by all.After the rally we moved up to Park Sierra another SKP Co Op.We stayed here going to Dr's and getting caught up on things that needed to be done.Then it was off to Ore. and Wash. to visit family and friends.We had a nice visit with our niece and her roomate with adinner at restaurant nearby.Next came May and time is flying by.

May, June, July, August.
Well we arrived at our lot in Chimacum, Wa. another SKP CoOp. Weplanned on staying here till the end of Aug. when we will head east for the rest of the year.We had lots od things going on here this summer.We attended both the Jazz and Fiddle concerts at the Centum in Port Townsend.Went to concerts onthe bay in Port Townsend on Thursdays, dinners at the Elks, and potluck BbQ on Fridays.Yes there is lots of eating here and happy hours.I also started a wine tasting gathering once a month and this was a big hit.I also fit in MaJong twice a week.Sam kept busy at the workshop. 

We left Chimacum and headed east with a stop at Star Valley Ranch in Thayne , Wy.Our friends Dave and Brenda Neil,and Ken an Carolyn Kimpton have lots here and we stayed here for 10 days.What a beautiful area this is, surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers.We really enjoyed our time here and want to return. There was a couple of trips to Jackson to see a play and have dinner.Ken also had a Thanksgiving in July party and cooked atrash can turkey.Lot of food and wonderful time was had by all.After 
leaving here we stopped at Bent's Old Fort a Ntl.Park site.We moseyed and stopped in Ft.Worth to see friends we had met previously on a cruise.We left Ft. Worth and went to east Tx. To visit our dear friend Neva.Neva and I were roomates before we were married.We have known each other over 50 years.Neva's husband passed away in April and we miss him terribly.We have lots of memoriesofall the good times we have shared together.We'off to Arkansas.

October was another busy month.We went to Bella Vista skp friends Ken and Vickie King.They took us around and showed us the Walton Museum and a beautiful art museum.We also went up to Branson for 2 nights and went to a show featuring the Texas Tenors from Americas Got Talent.They were great.Afer leaving Ark.we headed to Tenneessee to visit Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and the Smokey Mts.The fall colors are out and it was beautiful. Next we stopped for a few days to see skp friends Monica and Hank Rose.We usually see them in the winter in Yuma.On to Ashville and into N Carolina to visit longtime friends David and Lynda Cannon.We've known them for years from California and had rv'd together for many years.We all went to the state fair and a winery with some fine wines. We had a great visit but time to move on.

Since we hadn't been to Atlanta we stayed there at the Elks and went to Coca-Cola and CNN.There was lots to do in Atlanta but we were anxious to get to Charleston, S.C., one of our favorite cities.We've been to Charleston several times but this time we did a free walking tour and learned a little bit more about this great town.Of course we went to the straw market and saw many sweetgrass being made.Also couldn't leave without having some of that good ole southern cooking.The next stop was another favorite place of ours Savvanah.We did a free walking tour here as well and learned a little more history.We stayed in Hardeville and met up with other skps where we had a few happy hours together and a night out for dinner.Those camped here were DelRosario, Lonnie Hodge and Becky Hazen, Stephenson and a few others.We said our goodbys and down the road we went.Our next stop was Florida and we ended up at Ft McCoy for Thanksgiving with the Boomers.I think there was about 20 rigs and the Indians had their Pow Wow.We had a great time with old and new friends.

It seemed like Dec. went fast .We went St. Augustine, spent tine in Orlando, visited friends in West Palm Beach, took a short 4 night cruise to the Bahamas, spent sometime in Punta Gorda.We took in the Edison-Ford Mansion, went to a flea market, and ate at Fisherman's Wharf.We spent a quiet New Year's at Tousand Trails in Wachula.That's our year in a nutshell.Wishing you the best life has to offer in the new year.