Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th 2010 Park Sierra

We left Benson on the 22nd and arrived at Park Sierra on the 24th.We will stay here for 5 days and then head to Sacramento.When we arrived our friends Dave and Brenda were there and we went over to their place for happy hour.Our friends Gerry and Carol were there also there so  we all got together and played pegs and jokers.The girls won. yeah. We will be leaving on Monday to go to Sac for more blood work and to see Drs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 19,2010 Friends and Craft festival

Sunday our friends Ken and Vickie King arrived in Benson at the skp park.Sam has been sick with a cold and bronchitis so we haven’t been able to do much. Vickie and I did go to the street fair in Tucson and had a blast. There was thousands of people and it was very crowded.We had a great time and got back to Benson about 5:00p.m.then we picked up pizzas for dinner for the 4 of us.We will be leaving Benson on Monday and heading back to California.We’ll be sad to leave our friends and Benson but will see them later this year.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 13th 2010 Tenli’s Birthday

Today is my nieces daughters birthday.She is 2. My sister and brother-in-law flew into Tucson from Oakland for the birthday party.Sam and I were going up from Benson but he was sick ,so I drove up there by myself.She is such a cutie and still very little hair. Heather(my niece) rented one of those jumping inflatables and the kids had a ball.  

2010-03-13 Tenli birthday 0082010-03-13 Tenli birthday 0092010-03-13 Tenli birthday 018

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 6,2010 Benson 20th Birthday

   This week they are having the 20th anniversary of the park. They have a lot of things planned for the party.Friday they had a wine and cheese social and in the evening had a great couple singing and playing music for dancing. On Saturday they had a great dinner of barbequed chicken,baked beans and coleslaw.After the dinner they had a play. On Sunday they had a pizza and salad dinner along with ice cream and cake.All this was free. As always the food was great and everyone had a fun time.skp birhday party march 2010 001skp birhday party march 2010 007

skp birhday party march 2010 002

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ATV RIDE March 1,2010

  We had booked a ATV ride to Cochise Stronghold and today was the day we were going.On the way to meet the tour our car broke down in St. David.We were lucky to have one of the guys come and pick us up so we could still go.Anyway more about the car later.Here we are heading out. Along the way we  went by and old mining town facade.


As we moved along we came across many unusual rock formations.


 This is such an amazing area and you could drive the trail in a car.With all the rocks around you can see why Cochise liked this area. We continued on to Council Rocks,this is the land of legends. There are many pictographs made from 100’s of years ago.You can also see where the Indians used the rocks for grinding their seeds. The boulders have served as shelters for all those who passed this area.This is part of the Dragoon Mountains and where Cochise’s people could elude the military.Council Rocks may have been the area where Cochise made peace with General O.O.Howard in 1872.

IMG_1657IMG_1654 IMG_1653

At the end of the trail we had a nice lunch and had our group picture taken. A great time was had by all.IMG_1672

Back to the car situation. We had it towed to Benson and found out the bearings were gone. We had it fixed and now ready to go again.All in all we had a great day on our ride even if the car broke down.