Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Engine,cruise,and Washington Aug 31 2016

Well this will be a long post so I’ll break up into segments.First will start with May.


We were heading up to Washington for our summer stay at the Evergreen Coho SKP park when we got to Ore. and all hell broke loose.We were coming down the Siskyou Mts. and arrived in Medford the motorhome pouring white smoke and  making lots of noise.Fortunately we pulled into Costco and Sam was able to get hold of a shop that was about 5 mins. down the road.After looking a the RV they determined it had to go in the shop.This is a very busy shop so we waited for 10 days before they could get us in.Come to find out we would need a new engine.Oh No. Panic time.They finally got it in the shop and we went to a friends house in Burney Ca. We were thinking that it would be ready in a week.Not so, there was something wrong with new engine so they had to order another rebuilt.After another week went by we told them that we were leaving on a cruise in 4 days and had to be in Seattle to fly out.So we left and went Seattle to fly to Amsterdam.When we got back from the cruise we went down and the motorhome was ready for us.We got back on the road and finally made back to Wash. to our lot in Evergreen Coho.

While waiting for the RV we we took a ride to Hells Gate Canyon on the Rogue River.It started out nice but as we continued on we found ourselves lost on dirt roads in the mountains.It was getting late and we were getting worried as it would be getting dark soon.We passed a couple guys and we were looking for this lodge but never did find it up in the forest. We did finally make out of there and the car was completely covered in dirt.Oh well in was an adventure and we enjoyed ourselves. Here’s some photos of the day.







Forest road