Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 12,2012 Venice,Burano and Muano

We arrived in Punta Sabbioni after getting lost for a couple of hours.When we finally arrived it was close to the boat for Venice.Venice is on it's own island.We spent one whole day in Venice and the place was packed with people everywhere.San Marco Square was jammed.We got to the Basilica,Correr Museum and Doge's Palace.You can buy tickets for the Vaporetta's for a day or 36 hrs. or 48 hours.We chose the 36 hour ticket as we could ride all around the Grand Canal and hop on or off and also get back to to our campsite in Punta Sabbioni.The boats also took us to Murano and Burano.While we were there the America's cup was going on.Burano was a lovely little village where everything is made of lace.Beautiful. All the houses are painted in different colors.We loved this little village.We then went to Murano known for there beautiful glass.Then we were back on the boat to Venice.We loved riding on the Vaporetta's along the Grand Canal.Yes we liked Venice but way to many people. Now for some photos.I'm having some trouble posting all the photos so here is what I have.

May 8,2012 Verona continued

We spent another day in Verona and saw the Church of Sant'Anastasia.It isn't much to look at on the outside but brilliant on the inside.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May,8,2012 Verona

 We visited Verona and went to see the Arena but wasn't too impressed and we also went to Juliet's house and saw the balcony where she would call to Romeo.You could buy love locks with different colors and chain them together professing your love for one another.
Juliet's breast rubbed gold by many a man's hands.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 6.2012 Lake Garda

Today we headed to Malcesine on Lake Garda.This area is is known for it's wind surfers.The mountains come down to meet the water of Lake garda.Malcesine is a pretty little village with cobbled streets.We walked around the village and of course it started to rain so we stopped to have a pizza.They also have a castle with a tower that is now a museum.We could of stayed here a few more days as it was a lovely area.By the way we got lost on the way today and the GPS took us some very narrow one lane streets.If was kinda scary.

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012-5-3 Alps and Innsbruck

We had a beautuful drive today thru the Alps and into Innsbruck.
Words and photos can't describe how really beautiful it is.We got to the campground at hall of Triol and met a very nice Sweedish couple.Goran and Barbar.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

April 30,2012 King Ludwig Castles

Ludwig's boyhood home

Mary's Bridge on way to Ludwig's castle Neuschwanstein

Beauty surrounds the castles.Beautiful lake and the Alps

2012-4-29 Residenz Photos Munich

The residenz elegant family palace of the Wittelsbachs
Jewels from their collection

Sunday, May 13, 2012

April 28,2012 Dachau,Numphburg Palace

Hopefully here come the photos.
Dachau Concentration camp. Entrance to the camp.There's a saying as you enter,it says Work Will Set You Free.
The men would be called outside several times a day and stand at attention so they could count everyone.If someone was missing they would stand outside all night until that person was found dead or alive.There were lots of barracks with beds that were sracked 3 high.You climbed the latter to the top and then crawled over everyone if your bunk was at the other end.
Everything is well documented and they have several monuments for all different religions.It wasn't just Jews that were in this camp.They had political prisoners,and other outcasts.This was the first camp and was a model for all that came afterward.We did see the gas chamber and crematorium and it was very moving. Never Again!
Munich Nymphburg Palace.This was the summer Palace of the Wittelsbach family.There are 2 wings.The King's and the Queen's.

The Palace Grounds
Carriages and Sleighs