Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13,2012 Van Gough

Today started out bad on Friday the 13th.First I misplaced my train ticket and had to have someone by me another card. Then I decided to ride my bike to the train station and fell off it. Not once but twice.This may not be a good thing this bike.We finally got into Amsterdam and Sam wanted to go to the Dutch Resistance Musum.This museum shows how the Dutch resisted the Nazi occupiers from 1940 to 1945. When the Dutch were liberated they used the Nazi helmets as bedpans.We walked all over to find this museum.It's not as well known as the others.There are many museums in Amsterdam and it would take more than a week to see all of them. The next place we went was the Van Gough Museum.We got to see over 2 hundred of his original paintings including the well known Sunflowers,Potato Eaters,And the Bedroom.Vincent killed himself at the age of 37.Sorry no pictures allowed in the museum.We didn't get back till late and will see the rest of the sights when we come back in October.

Old Church                                                                             
Van Gogh Museum

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12,2012 Amsterdam Day 2

As usual we got a late start today into Amsterdam.We had a better plan than yesterday and decided to go to the Amsterdam Museum.The weather turned out sunny today and made for a more enjoyable day.This town is so full of people that you can hardly move down the street.I think mostly tourists.There is a famous wooden house near the museum that dates back to 1528.It is the oldest building in Holland with a wooden facade.The Amsterdam Museum is housed in a 500 year old orphanage.It takes you through the beginning of Holland to the present day.Holland is a city of freedom. Prostitution is legal as is marajuana.There are coffee shops all over as well as sex shops.Everyone seems to congregate at Dam Square.This is the center and everything spreads out from there.The City Hall is located there and was built in 1648.It was the finest in Europe at the time. Having a good time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11,2012 Amsterdam

Last night we arrived at Camping Amsterdam and will stay here 4 days.There's a lot we want to see in Amsterdam.We went out to dinner to an Argentine Grill and later in evening I got sick.Not sure if it was the food or just a bug.Today we headed out to get the train to Amsterdam.We got to the station and there was no way of getting tickets using money and our cards aren't working.There were 3 nice spanish guys that were able to use there card to get us tickets and we were on our way.Amsterdam is very busy with tourists.We got to the TI and had to wait for quite awhile to get our 3 day train pass. It covers all the Metro,Buses and Trams.We also bought tickets for the Van Gogh museum and a ticket for me to go to the Anne frank house.Sam wasn't interested in the Anne Frank house so I went by myself.There were 8 people that went into hiding in July 1942 and 2 years later the German Security service raids the house and take all 8 people to the concentration camps. All died except for Anne's father Otto who survived.We cannot change the past,we can only learn what discrimination and persecution of innocent people means.It's everyones responsibilty to fight prejudice.Here our some of the photos from today.
                                         Train Station

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10 2012 Amstelveen

Yesterday was a cold wet rainy day so we stayed inside all day.I did laundry and it cost 2.50E to wash and dry 1 load. That's about $7.00 a load in US money.Kinda high.We also have found a leak coming down wall to dinette.We will be going back to Donna's tomorrow.Sam was able to fix the leak under the sink.Left the campground to day and stopped by a rv store and was able to get a couple of camp chairs and a dual voltage iron.Stopped at Donna's and her mechanic hopefully fixed the leak and sealed the roof.I hope this is the end of it. We continued on to a camp ground just out of Amsterdam and will stay here about 5 days to see what Amsterdam has to offer.
livin'ez on the road in Europe

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8 2012 Easter Keukenhoff Gardens

Happy Easter, Since today is forcast for sunny with some clouds we're off to see Keukenhoff Gardens.The gardens are only open for 2 months in April and May. Every year Keukenhoff chooses a different country as it's central theme.This year's it is Poland (heart of Europe).All the bulbs remain in the ground after having flowered. They come up year after year having the added advantage of multiplying themselves.We had a enjoyable day walking in the gardens.It started to get colder so we decided to head back to the rv.They have very efficient transportation and we used the train and the bus.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6,2012 Gouda

Today we took the train to Gouda.Gouda is a historic Dutch city and the capital of cheese.They also are known to have the largest church in Holland.They are world famous for their 72 16th century collection of stained glass.This church is the biggest I've ever seen and was unable to get a photo of it.There is also a gothic town hall in the center of the square. There is lots of shops and places to eat and buy cheese and bakery goods here's the top of the church Sint Janskerk.

Here's the Gothic Town Hall

Cheese and more cheese

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5,2012 Woerden

We arrived in Woerden at a beautiful campground called Batenstein.We spent wednesday night here and the sights are all around canals.We are backed up to the water and it's quite nice.This a very clean campground and all for 16Euros a night.Here's a photo of our camper parked in the campground.
Today we walked into town it is quite cold.We were buddled up like we were in the artic.Woerden is a small town and has a beautiful church,windmill and old water tower.The town is small but has nice shops that sell cheese and bakery products.Everyone here and in the other towns all ride bikes.Oh yes I got my used bike yesterday.Sam is still looking.Here are some photos from today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3,2012 Utrecht

Monday we spent the night in Utrecht at the Ibis Hotel.Were we ever glad to get there and get some rest.Tuesday morning Donna(person we bought rv from) picked us up to see our camper.When we got there several things had to be done.Sam being the mechanic that he is started checking things out and then the fun began.First he checked the oil and it was filthy and hadn't been changed.They had the filter but had not gotten to it yet.So then the water pump needed to replaced,finally got both those things done.Had german propane bottles that we couldn't fill in the Netherlands so we had to buy and fill one from the Netherlands.When we got back it wouldn't fit. Then there were other things so we spent the night in our rv in her driveway.The mechanic worked on the rv all the next day and we finally got out of there on Wed evening at 6pm.Life livin'ez with the Kidd's.I did get a few photos of the house boats on the canals.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mon. 4/2/2012 Amsterdam

We left Sfo on Sun.April 1st and arrived in Amsterdam on Mon. at 9am. Here's a photo of us at the airport.
It was a long trip and we were tired when we arrived.We couldn't get into the hotel until 12 noon so we could take our time.We had to buy tickets for the train to Utrect where we would be staying that night.Well that was when everything started to get crazy.I went to the kiosk to buy the tickets and all they would except was coins. I didn't have any coins so had to go elsewhere to get the tickets.When I went to the service area to pay my wallet was missing.Oh no can't buy tickets.Where's my wallet.I had it awhile ago looked around to no avail and told Sam I either lost it or got pickpocketed. I'm the one who's saying make sure your money is secure.Well I told Sam just chalk it up to a loss.90 euros. He then looked in one of his pockets and guess what he found my wallet. Hurray! I then got our train tickets and we were on our way to Utrecht to our hotel. We will pick up our RV Tues morning.Our adventure begins.