Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

We wish everyone a healthy,happy,and a new year filled with adventure.My resolution this year is to keep this blog up and lose some weight.
This blog is about our 2015 year in review.
We started our year in Florida and spent New Years in Thousand Trails at Peace River.We visited some friends and did some sightseeing. Went to the Ringling Museum,saw the Manatees,spent some time in Orlando,and stayed at the skp park in Alabama.In mid Janurary we moved over to La. and spent a month at Betty’s Rv Park in Abbeville.
Staying at Betty’s is a blast.She is great and took us around to all the sights.We ate lots of Cajun food,had happy hours nightly,went to Martin’s Accordian,The oldest oil rig platform,and had a great Mardi Gras adventure.The Mardi Gras parades so much fun and we came away with 60 lbs of beads.Betty also rented a hall and a band and we had a genuine mardi gras ball.Everyone was dressed up in ball gowns and men had crazy shirts ,ties and sport coats.Everything was gotten at the thrift shops.What a blast.Betty’s is a one of a kind and truly a great experience.
Now it’s March and we got back in Benson just in time to Checkin and get some things done before we head up to Tucson for the Escapade.Had a great time at Escapade and saw lots of old and new friends.
On the first of April we headed up to Park Sierra for Stagecoach Days and had lots of fun and also caught up on lot cleanup.We only stayed a couple of weeks as we had a big cruise coming up.We flew out of SfO on the the 30th heading to Singapore.After arriving we had 3 days before our ship left on the 3rd.Singapore is a beautiful clean city and we loved it there.The only drawback was it was very hot and humid.Definately would go back there.
This month would take us on a40 day cruise starting in Singapore and ending in Istanbul.It was going to be our 50th Anniversary trip.Although our anniversary wasn’t till July.We had met several people on Cruise Critic before our cruise so several of us met for dinner one night and got to know one another.Our cruise critic group got together for the sailway and the fun started. We started off in Singapore with stops in Puket,Kulau Lumpur,Sri Lanka,India,andDubai.The next leg of the trip went from Dubai,Oman,Suez canal,Israel,Santorina,Athens and Istanbul.Istanbul was a fantastic city.We loved it and will be back.The 3rd leg of the cruise went from Istanbul to Bodrum,Ephesus,Santorina,Mykonos,Athens,Rhodes,
Crete and back to Istanbul.The greek Isles were wonderful and we would definately go back.Our trip ended in mid June and left us wanting to see more.
After getting back from our cruise we stayed at my sisters in Petaluma for awhile and then headed to Chimacum Wa.
In July and Aug. we stayed on our lot in washington participating in 4th of Juy activities and Co HO days.
We left Chimacum after Labor Day and went down to Seaside for a couple weeks.Sam had a class reunion and I had to fly to Calif. as my good friend had passed and they were having a celebration of life.After his reunion he came back to Calif. and picked me up at our son’s and we headed to Coarsegold.
We spent October in Coarsegold at Park of the Sierras.Had our annual meeting and enjoyed our time there.We left Oct.27 headed for Benson Where we would be staying the winter.We flew out of Tucson on the 31st for Ft. Lauderdale.We would be getting on a cruise Nov. 2.
We took a 12 day cruise out of Fla. to the Southern Carribean.There was a small group of us,all Escapees.We enjoyed all private excursionsand had a great time.We went to Aruba,Bonaire,Barbados,Antigua,Grenada and St Lucia.Warm weather and beautiful beaches.We got back to Benson and had Thanksgiving at the Skp park.We had a great meal with lots of food and friends.
Well here it is December and we’re wondering where the year went.It seems to go faster every year.All in all it’s been a pretty good year.We spent all of Dec. in Benson and went to Tucson to my nieces for Christmas dinner.On the 30th we will venture up to Quartzsite for the month of January. We have managed to stay pretty healthy this year and hope it continues.CWe wish all of you a very Happy,Healthly and your dreams come true in the New Year.