Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb.19,2012 Girls Nite out and more

Well it's a couple of weeks since I posted and it's catch up time.First off I'll start with the Ladies Nite Out. This year the theme was the 50's. It was poodle skirts,hamburgers and chocolate malts. Some of us dressed up in 50's attire and others came as themeselves.I had on a pair of jeans, white shirt and scarf around my neck.

I'm standing in front of our Casita.
Here are some of the photos of the nite. The men served us and and also entertained us.Just hilarious.
The guys became the Olympic sycronized swim team performing their  best moves.
We also had our own Diana and the Supremes.

On the 9th it was my birthday so Sam took me to Tucson to see a movie then out to dinner.We went to the Claim Jumper and had a great dinner. On the 11th we went to the clubhouse for a special Valentines dinner of Prime Rib or Salmon. After dinner I wasn't feeling good so we called it a night.The next day we went to Tubac for the art festival and it was packed.Tubac is a very nice town to visit even if they aren't having a venue. I forgot my camera so no photos except my funky shoes I bought.

That night I came downwith a sore throat and have been sick all week with a head cold. On saturday I took a fall and thought I might have cracked a rib. I got out of the car to go to the office and fell smack down forward.Anyway I sure hurt today.That''s the 3rd time in the last month I have fallen. Guess I'm just a clutz.

On Sunday we took our friends out to Gammons Gulch.Gammon's Gulch is an old west town and used as a movie set for TV  programs and movies. They filmed Walker Texas Ranger and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman among others. There are lots of old cars,antiques,and memorbilia here. You can take a tour for a minimal fee and it is very interesting. Mr. Gammons gives you a nice and informative tour and he can also be somewhat funny. You may just wander around and not take the tour. Here are some of the photos I took today. It was a fun afternoon with friends.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb.7,2012 Back in Benson

We arrived back in Benson on the 1st and immediantly settled in. Thursday started out busy with the annual meeting and the installation of the new board members.Around 4 PM a bunch of  us went over to the golf course for Tacos Thursday and drinks. Tacos for a dollar,can't be the price.Then it was off to the parks annual talent show.We had some great talent and some not so great but entertaining. On friday we were off to Tucson.The bead show is going on in Tucson and lots of beaders from the park went to the bead show to spend their hard earned money. Sam dropped me off and I was able to find some beads and patterns that I couldn't live without. Sam picked me up from the show and we perceeded to the bank.We had to do a wire transfer of money to the Netherlands for our used rv that we are purchasing. Yes it's true we are finally going to Europe on April 1st. and will pick up our Rv. Next we were off to Costco to get photos for our International Driving License,then to AAA. All these details.

Saturday it was all about Cowboy poetry and music. Every year there is a gathering in Sierra Vista and performers come all over the southwest to preform.It's called the Cowboy Poerty and Music Gathering.They had a great number of people telling their stories in music and poetry.Last year we felt it was better with more poetry than this year.It still was a fun filled day.That evening we went to the dance in the clubhouse where they had a great 50's couple singing.The couple were called Goldrush.Very good. On Sunday they had a Super Bowl party in the clubhouse and there was lots of cheering for our favorite teams.During halftime they had Pizza and Chicken Wings.Too bad we didn't win any of the pools we were in,but had a good time.Well stayed tuned for upcoming posts.
Livin'ez on the road