Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dec. 3 2017 Pisco Peru

Our next port was Pisco home of the Pisco Sour.This area is noted for it’s grape brandy or pisco sour.

We went to the Isla Ballestas which is a large marine reserve designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Then we were taken to the  marina area which is home to hundreds of fishing boats.We boarded speed boats and

were taken to the reserve where we saw cormorants,sea lions,blue footed booties,blackbirds and and a few penquins.

What a fun and beautiful place.








There was lots of Guano out on the rocks that the birds left.Once a year a company goes out and harvests the Guano and it is made into fertilizer. There were several buildings where the workers stayed during this time.



We got back to town and searched for a place to each lunch.Our friends had fresh bass and we had the calamari.Delicious!



Peru is !0% desert,30% mountains(Andes) and 60% jungle.We proceeded to Parcas Ntl. Reserve.We went along the beach and saw lots of

rock formations including one that is called the cathedral.Many of these formations change over time with wind and rain.In 2007 Peru

had a huge earthquake and this is what the cathedral looks like now.


We enjoyed Pisco and all the sea animals. Next stop will be Arica Chile.