Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug 26,2010 Rock and Roll

Today we went to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.This is a must see for everyone and all who love rock and roll music.It goes from the 20's to 2010. We were in there 61/2 hours. No pictures allowed and they inforce that rule.
Inside was a array of clothing(John LennonJacket,Mick Jagger Union Jack Cape,Michael Jacksons glove) and much much more.Lots of guitars including Les Pauls.There's 7 floors of entertainment and some interactive things to do.They had a special U2 concert with Bono in 3d on a movie screen.We paid the extra $3 to see this viewing.We left halfway through as it was loud and not our favorite performer. We had a great day and loved every minute we were there.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug. 22,2010 Covered Bridges

We're in Kennisee Lakes TT in Ohio and this has to be one of their nicest parks.All the sites are level and on gravel with grass all around.Very nicely landscaped with several small lakes for fishing and kayaking. There are lots of covered bridges around this area and we took a drive to view some of them.

Netcher Bridge
Caine Rd. Bridge
Doyle bridge is a 94 ft lattice built in 1868.
Harpersfield bridge is 228 ft long and is the longest in Ohio.It was built in 1868. There is a river going under this bridge with a nice park next to it.Lots of people out enjoying the day. We saw lots of bridges today along with some beautiful scenery.Here's the last of our bridges.This is the Smollen bridge which is the longest bridge in the US.We're Livin'ez hope you do the same.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug.19,2010 Back in the States

We finally made it back to the states where things look familiar and signs are in English. We did have a great time on the Gaspe and Quebec but is was nice to be back home.We crossed the border and stayed in a P.A. park.This park had a lot of permenets and it looked like Hillbilly village.It was on Lake Ontario and in the Thousand Islands area.

Crossing the border

We're off to Kennisee Lakes Thousand Trails in Ohio for a couple of weeks of relaxation and then will be on our way to Escapade in Indiana.We're livin'ez on the road

Aug.20,2010 Glass

We stayed in Corning,Pa and while here went to the Corning Museum of Glass.This place is huge and they have glass from the beginning of time.You can even make your own glass pieces.

Body in Glass

Glass from Egypt 1450-1150 B.C.
Glass made for World's fair
Perfume Bottles
Liberty Bell made of glass for Lewis and Clark Expedition in Portland in 1905.Beautiful Stained glass window.
Glass blower making a vase
This is worth a visit and you can spend several hours seeing all the glass works and even make your own piece. After our visit we decided to head to a winery for some tastings.There are lots of wineries in the area and we visited one called Bully Hill.
We tasted 5 different wines and bought 6 different bottles of their wine. They have a beautiful setting overlooking the hills and lake.They also have other things you can purchase. Our wine steward was funny and informative and presented a Bully thong you can purchase.We had a great day and headed home after all the good wine.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug. 14,2010 Quebec City

We have arrived in Quebec City. We are parked at Walmart with other RVs and and just across the Quebec Bridge To Quebec City. The Dionne's (whom we meet earlier) are here also for a couple of days. Their daughter is a opera singer and is going to be giving a performance Mon.

We drove in to Quebec City and parked for the day to visit and explore the city. This has to be one of my favorite cities.Quebec City was founded in 1604 and is old and beautiful. This a very walkable city and is up and down hills.We walked up to the Citadel and took a tour around the area.

This is still a working fort and they have guards at the entrance just like in London at Buckingham Palace.I didn't want to get too close.
There's lots of shops and restaurants along narrow streets.
Notre Dame Church
Next is the Hotel Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.One of the most photographed Hotels in the world. Absolutely beautiful.

We had a great time in Quebec City and loved all the history and the quaint streets. After a full day we headed back to the rv. Later that evening I took a tumble and landed on my back and hit the back of my head. I had a big knot on my head and a huge bruise on my backside. I was coming out of the rv and tripped on the steps and down I went.Thank goodness I didn't hit the curb but landed on the grass.It knocked me for a loop and I was thankful I didn't break anything or worse.Just hard headed I guess.Sam was out talking to our friend Antone and came running. This was the worse fall I've had and hope it doesn't happen again.Next back to the states.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug.12,2010 Pointe-Du-Pere Lighthouse

On our way to Riverier Du Loup we stopped in Rimouski,Quebec to get some pictures of the lighthouse.This place was crowded with people. I found out that this is one of their National Historic sites and there was also a maritime museum. This lighthouse is one of the tallest in Canada.It became a historic site because of the lighthouse and its role as an important pilot center and beacon for navigation on the gulf and St. Lawrence river.This submarine is the location of the maritime museum.
We continued on and spent the night in Riviere Du Loup at Walmart along with 16 other rvs from Quebec.They do a lot of wild camping as they call it.We met a nice couple from New Brunswick.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug.10,2010 Matane

We heard of a place in Matane to boondock and we’re staying here 2 nights.This place is along the water and behind the Hart Dept. store. There is also a large fishing pier that gets very crowded with fishermen.There lots of Canadians boondocking here also. They also have a dump in front of the store in the corner.That was nice of them.This evening we decided to go on a adventure and look for moose.We took 195 out of town to the Matane wildlife refuge.When you get to the info center you go 26 miles on a semigravel dusty road. Just to see some moose.Once your at the end of the road you hike in about 1/2 mile.Your surrounded by bushes and then you arrive at a tower that you can climb and sit and watch for moose.Along the way you pass by 2 beautiful lakes. The last one has camping and has a  beautiful setting with manicured grass.I think this may managed by the wildlife dept. They also have kayak trips in early morning and at dusk.Just beautiful too stay a few days if you don’t mind the road.Well after sitting in the tower and it getting near dark I told Sam we need to leave as I don’t want to walk back through woods in the dark.Do you think I’m scared,you betcha. After sitting here I was disappointed because we didn’t see moose.That’s ok we had a nice drive and got to see some beautiful scenery.Life’s an adventure and we’re making it happen.Here’s some of the photos.

Parking along the water at Matane.

2010-8-10 Matane 002

Looking for moose

2010-8-10 Matane 016

Fox in the road carrying his dinner  

2010-8-10 Matane 010

Beautiful Lake Matane

2010-8-10 Matane 014

Camping area at 2nd lake

2010-8-10 Matane 019

We’re livin ez on the road

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug.8,2010 Forillon National Park

Today we are on our way to the National Park Forillon.They have  lots of hiking trails and historic sites to see. We are taking a 4 mile hike up to the Gaspe Lighthouse and Gaspe point.At the parking lot the first sign we see is to watch out for bears.That made me a little nervous and I wanted to wait for more people to show up.You can access a trail through the woods or on a gravel road surrounded by trees and bushes. We started out and saw some bear scat and it was still warm.Oh my god do we continue on. Of course.The beauty was all around us with the cliffs and water on one side and mountains on the other.The hike wasn’t to bad except for the last section which was straight up. If I made it up this far you have to just keeping going,no stopping now.We got to the top and the view was breath taking.Of course we had to take some breaths after the long climb.The lighthouse is here at the top and there are some picking tables. Here are some of the views we saw.

2010-8-8  Forillon National Park 0222010-8-8  Forillon National Park 027

 2010-8-8  Forillon National Park 032 2010-8-8  Forillon National Park 037

2010-8-8  Forillon National Park 052 2010-8-8  Forillon National Park 047

Friday, August 6, 2010

Aug. 6,2010 For The Birds

We moved onto Perce and are staying in Coin Du Banc at Viebert’s Camping. The sites are very small and more for tenters but the view is fantastic.This campground is 29.00 a night and we stayed for 2 nights. Perce is a big destinations for the people of Quebec.There are all kinds of rvs in this area as well as on the Gaspe Pennisula.The attraction here is the big rock and the island of Bonaventure.Our spot on the water.

2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 0192010-8-8  Forillon National Park 002

We took a boat ride that takes you around the big rock and then around the island.The boat stops at Bonaventure Island and you can get off and hike to the Gannet colony.Did I say this place is for the birds. Well it is. There are over 250,000 Gannets on this island.I never saw so many birds in one place. It reminds of the movie The Birds.We hiked about a mile to this colony and it was unbeliveable. The flies were so bad they about ate us alive.Here are some of the photos I took. 

2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 0422010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 070

2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 118 2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 141

2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 107 2010-8-4  Island Bonaventure 127

We were tired after all the hiking and got back into town and rewarded ourselves with some ice cream.