Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 12 2017 Jerome


Today we took a ride up to Jerome,once a booming mine town of 15,000. In 1876 3 prospectors staked claims on rich copper deposits and then sold out to the United Verde Copper company in 1883. Costs ran high and 2 years later the company folded.A new owner named Wiiliam Clark came along and brought the railroad in and that started the mining boom in Jerome. The mine was the largest producing mine in AZ. In 1912 James Douglas came along and opened up The Little Daisy mine bringing to Jerome 2 large mines. The town continued to grow and by 1953 the mines closed and people left. We went up to the Douglas Mansion which is now a museum of the history of Jerome and the Douglas family.The Douglas Mansion has been a landmark since 1916 when he built it for his family and also used it as a hotel for miming investors.Today Jerome has a population of 500.The town is very touristy set along the hillside and has lots of shopping and restaurant.


Douglas Mansion

Douglas Mansion


Little Daisy Mine


Audrey Headframe and Shaft to mine


Jaw crusher




Train cars used in the mines

After our time at the Mansion we went uptown to experience the Haunted Hamburger for lunch.A must lunch stop.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 6 2017 Ft. Verde

DSC03999 Today we went to Ft. Verde to visit as this is a place we hadn’t been to yet. Ft. Verde was a base for General Crook’s army scouts and soldiers in the 1870’s and 1880’s. From 1865 –1891 Camp Lincoln, Camp Verde and FT. Verde were home to officers, doctors, families, enlisted men and scouts.This was the period when the Indian Wars were in AZ. They have a nice museum showing the life of the time and a film about Ft. Verde and the Buffalo Soldiers.

There are still 3 buildings still standing. Commanding Officers Quarters, BOQ, and Surgeon’s Quarters.

Commanding Officer’s Quarters






The Commanding Officer was in charge of the base and his salary of $166. a month made it possible for his wife to able to furnish the house.They had a master bedroom, parlor,2 bedrooms upstairs a dining room and a kitchen in the back.

The Bachelors Officer’s Quarters

Unmarried officer’s lived in a sparse space. They recieved low pay,frequent moves and spent time in the field. There was a bedroom on either side,the parlor was out the back door and the kitchen was out back upstairs.




Surgeon’s Quarters


The doctor attended patients and performed surgeries in his home. Antiseptic procedures were just being developed and there were no vaccines or antibiotics at the time.The surgeons pay was $123.per month and didn’t attract top surgeons.

This fort was interesting and we enjoyed a little of the history. If your in this area stop and visit the fort.

May 5,2017 Sedona

Sandy and I went to Sedona one day and looked around and had lunch. We enjoyed ourselves and didn’t buy anything since everything is double the price.We looked around the shops and saw some of the sculptures. Not much today.






There lots of sculptures in Sedona but I only got a few and the photos didn’t come out very good.

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 2 2015 Oak Creek Canyon

Today  we took a ride through Sedona to Oak Creek Canyon .Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge In NE Arizona known for it’s colorful rocks and unique formations. You wind up from Sedona on 89A which is very scenic but very winding.When you reach the viewpoint you can get out and walk around and take in the views.


Sam Oak Creek Canyon viewpoint

Sam at viewpoint








April 30 2017 Blazin’ M Ranch

While sitting here in Verde Valley we are seeing some places we haven’t been before. One night we went to the Blazin’ M Ranch for a Chuckwagon dinner and show.The ranch is located along the Verde River in Cottonwood Az.They have recreated a old west town with buildings ,shops and a saloon.They have a big red barn where they sever dinner and have the show.Talk about a dinner,wow.They serve on old tin plates and cups and the food is outstanding.You can have as much as you want.They serve BBQ chicken,ribs,cowboy beans prickly pear coleslaw,baked potatoes and roll. Absolutely delicious.When the music starts they serve apple crisp with ice cream.The music is western and country and very good. I would recomend this place if your in the area.Sorry photos on phone unable to post to blog.


Monday, May 1, 2017

April 28 2017 Red Rock Canyon Sedona

We left Apache Jct. and headed up to Verde Valley. It was starting to cool off as we got close and about 20 miles out all hell broke out.It happened again we blew the engine in the motor home. Last year as we were coming down the Siskques we blew the engine.Well we made to TT Verde Valley and here we sit.The same cylinders as last year.We got a hold people in Oregon and rebuilders from last year and they will be sending a new engine to Cottonwood.To have the same exact thing happen again at 3800 miles you begin to think what’s happening.Anyway we’re sitting here waiting and praying this time it’ll be ok.

Since we have nothing else to do we rode up to Red Rock Canyon one day and drove the loops taking photos and admiring how beautiful it is.Here’s a few photos I took.






Red rock canyon Sedona


It really is beautiful up here.I’m still hoping we’ll be able to go up to Utah.


April 7 2017 Apache Jct.

On the 15th we left Benson and moved up to Apache Jct. for a week.We were staying at Countryside RV Resort,a TT/Encore park for a week.It was in mid to high 90’s.We don’t like the heat but spent time in the pool and doing some other things.We will be slowly making our way north.There are lots of things to do in this area and one thing we did was go to the Olive Mill.A Italian family had moved from Michigan and knew olives so they started the Olive Mill.They have planed over 7000 olive trees of different varieties.

They have a tour and lots of Extra Virgin Olive for tasting. They also have about 50 samples of different Balsamic Vinegars.Very tasty.



Garlic field

Olive Mill

Olive trees

They have a nice sandwich shop which is pretty good.

Another day our friends and us went to Canyon Lake to take a steamboat ride around the lake.It’s called the Dolly Steamboat. For $21. for seniors they give you 90 minute narrated tour. We saw Big horn sheep and a Eagle.A very pleasant trip on the lake.



Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake

Al,Sam Sandy on the Dolly

Al,Sandy,Sam on the Dolly


Eagle on top

Eagle on top of rock


Fossil in rock






Big horn sheep



We went to the Mesa Market place and shopped and shopped. Huge swap meet. Next we’re of to Verde Valley.