Monday, May 1, 2017

April 7 2017 Apache Jct.

On the 15th we left Benson and moved up to Apache Jct. for a week.We were staying at Countryside RV Resort,a TT/Encore park for a week.It was in mid to high 90’s.We don’t like the heat but spent time in the pool and doing some other things.We will be slowly making our way north.There are lots of things to do in this area and one thing we did was go to the Olive Mill.A Italian family had moved from Michigan and knew olives so they started the Olive Mill.They have planed over 7000 olive trees of different varieties.

They have a tour and lots of Extra Virgin Olive for tasting. They also have about 50 samples of different Balsamic Vinegars.Very tasty.



Garlic field

Olive Mill

Olive trees

They have a nice sandwich shop which is pretty good.

Another day our friends and us went to Canyon Lake to take a steamboat ride around the lake.It’s called the Dolly Steamboat. For $21. for seniors they give you 90 minute narrated tour. We saw Big horn sheep and a Eagle.A very pleasant trip on the lake.



Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake

Al,Sam Sandy on the Dolly

Al,Sandy,Sam on the Dolly


Eagle on top

Eagle on top of rock


Fossil in rock






Big horn sheep



We went to the Mesa Market place and shopped and shopped. Huge swap meet. Next we’re of to Verde Valley.


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