Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan. 31,2012 Quartzsite

We arrived in Quartzsite to spend our month at TK's Rv park with 6 of our friends.This month has been busy seeing old friends and meeting new ones.Some things we did during the month was to go Parker to the swap meet,attend concerts,Go Lake Havasu to the Elks for there BBQ ribs nite,attend Escapees Happy Hour,Had lots of free lunches at La Mesa, ate at at the Grubstake many times for there Fish and Chips and who could miss the Big Tent and Tyson's for all the shopping.I also gave Sam a birthday and had a nice turnout.Of course it seems that all we do is eat but that's the Escapees way.Here some of the photos I took during the month.

Missouri Opry Concert

Chimacum group
Friends Vickie King and Vicki Jensen
Ike Jensen,Ken King
Birthday Boys Sam and Al

London Bridge

It's been a fun-filled month and now it's time to move on.Next stop Benson SKP Park.