Sunday, March 31, 2019

Dec 13 2017 Straight of Magellen

We are now transiting the Straights of Magellan.This is a important sea route separating S. America and Tierra De Fuego.The Straights of Magellan is a natural straight separating the Atlantic and the Pacific.Tomorrow we will arrive in Ushuaia,Argentina aka the end of the World.While in Ushuaia will tour Tierra Ntl. Park.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

12-12-2017 Chilean Fjords

It's been  long time since I've posted so I will just do some photos. We are cruising the Chilean Fjords in the southern part of Chili.The weather has been cloudy with rain so photos are not great.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dec.10 2017 Puerto Montt

Our next stop was suppose to be Port Arenas but because of high seas we weren't able to tender into the port. We wanted to see the penguins there but may have another chance in Puerto Madryn.

Puerto Montt

Known as the paradise of the south.The original settlement was named after Pres. Manuel Montt and dates back to1853. During this time a group of German immigrants decided to colonize the forested region around Lake Llanquihue. This area is home to many Germans.When train service came to the area it became a tourist area for travelers.The city was destroyed and rebuilt in 1960 after the earthquake.There is volcanic and earthquake activity everyday. The area is known as the ring of fire starting in Alaska and ending at the end of Chili.

Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is known as the City of Roses. It sits on Lake Llanquihue with Osorno Volcano in the background. What a beautiful setting.There was a plaza with musicians playing and we strolled around quickly as we only has a few minutes here.I was bummed because I wanted to walk around a bit.We quickly headed to Frutillar a small Grman town with a beautiful theater sitting on the lake.They operas and theater plays here.


German shingled house

A few German houses. Notice the shingles



Opera House



Our next stop was the highlight of the tour.We went to Vincente Perez Rosales Ntl. Park and Petrohue Falls.Osorno and two other volcanoes lay out the border between Chile and Argenina.Petrohue Falls and Osorno Volcano in the background with all the lava rocks cascading down was one of the most beautiful sights I’d seen.It was hard to leave such a beautiful place.


orsmo Volcano and Petrohue Falls

orsmo volcano


A great day

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Arica Dec. 5 2017

Our first stop in Arica was the plaza to see San Marcos Church.This church was made by Eiffel and was brought to Arica and assembled.It was made with steel and cast iron and was painted with paint.The only part of the church that was made of wood is the door.



Our next stop on our tour was to El Morro. El Morro is dedicated the men who fought during the Battle of the Pacific.On top of the rock you have views of the city.





Our next stop Laucho Beach and Anzota Caves where the Chinchrro lived.The is a beautiful place with a paved sidewalk all the way to caves.I stopped before we got to the caves.





Lots of lizards on the rocks.

On the way to the Lluta Valley we stopped at a small village where artisans were making and selling their crafts.






We ventured into the desert where they grow olives,tomatoes and fruits.All the vegetables and fruits were under cover in this very dry desert.


Olive trees


Along the way we stopped at a hummingbird Sanctuary.



    13 miles N.E. of Arica in the Azapa Valley are La Tropilla geogylphs. There are several around the area.This is one of the largest.


Going down to the valley and back to ship’


When we got back to the ship their were dancers and muscians in costume outside performing


Beautiful costumes



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dec. 3 2017 Pisco Peru

Our next port was Pisco home of the Pisco Sour.This area is noted for it’s grape brandy or pisco sour.

We went to the Isla Ballestas which is a large marine reserve designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Then we were taken to the  marina area which is home to hundreds of fishing boats.We boarded speed boats and

were taken to the reserve where we saw cormorants,sea lions,blue footed booties,blackbirds and and a few penquins.

What a fun and beautiful place.








There was lots of Guano out on the rocks that the birds left.Once a year a company goes out and harvests the Guano and it is made into fertilizer. There were several buildings where the workers stayed during this time.



We got back to town and searched for a place to each lunch.Our friends had fresh bass and we had the calamari.Delicious!



Peru is !0% desert,30% mountains(Andes) and 60% jungle.We proceeded to Parcas Ntl. Reserve.We went along the beach and saw lots of

rock formations including one that is called the cathedral.Many of these formations change over time with wind and rain.In 2007 Peru

had a huge earthquake and this is what the cathedral looks like now.


We enjoyed Pisco and all the sea animals. Next stop will be Arica Chile.