Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 3-6 2014 Jackson Greys River

On the 3rd friends Ken and Carolyn had a Thanksgiving in Sept. pot luck party. They had about 30 people and and everyone brought side dishes. Ken had a trash can turkey he cooked and it was so tender and good.
A good time was had by all.
On the 5th Sam and I drove to Jackson along the Grey's river and met friends in Jackson for dinner and a play. We went to see Paint You Wagon. The scenery along the way is so pretty. I could stay in this area for the whole summer.
Antler arch Jackson Wy.
This is the theater where we went to see Paint Your Wagon.
We had a great time in Wyoming visiting friends and seeing places we've never been before.
Next stop Texas

Aug 31 2014 Intermitten Springs

While here at Star Valley Ranch they have lots of roads you can take and go see wildlife, rivers and much more. One day we decided to take a road to Intermitten springs. This spring is beautiful with waterfalls. You hike in about a mile and there it is. The best time to see it work it's magic is the spring and fall.When we were there it was flowing full force. When the water isn't going full force there is a tunnel at the top and a spring pond. The water will fill the pond and then empty and stop flowing until it fills up again.This makes the falls intermitten about every 20 minutes.Even if it wasn't doing it's thing when we were there,it was beautiful.
Road to the springs
Intermitten Falls
Me hiking back to car.
Sam stopping to enjoy the view
Afton, Wy. Antlers

Aug.29 2014 Idaho and Wyoming

On the 25th we left Chimacum bound for Wyoming.We spent the first nite on the Oregon and Wahington border at Plymouth Park, a Corp of Engineers park. For 13.50 a nite we had full hookups. Can't beat that. It's a very nice park. The next day we drove to Boise to see friends and they were having a rally that week at the Koa. Needless to say we stayed there overnight so we could visit them and had dinner with their group.We never stay at KOA but we made a exception. We hadn't seen them  in a couple of years and it was good to visit and catch up.
 The next day are destination was Idaho Falls for the night and stayed at the Elks Lodge. In the morning we continued on to Star Valley Ranch Resort, where we were going to stay for 10 days. Along the way we passed some beautiful scenery and the Snake River.
We arrived at our destination and it's beautiful up here.

Aug.16 2014 Wine Tasting

In June I started a monthly wine tasting night and had about 28 show up. I wanted to get people together and meet some of the new members and be able to have some social time together.It turned out great and we had another in July and Aug. This was to be our last one of the season as we would be heading east. I had door prizes and Diane Roulier said she was going to continue doing them. Yeah. Carry on.
Fun Times

Aug.2-10 CoHo Days

The first week in August the SKP park in Chimacum has it's CoHo Days. They have there annual meeting and lots of fun activities all week. It started out with the Pet,Push and Peddle parade.

Our own Diane Roulier as a pussycat leading the Pet,Push and Peddle Parade.
The next day we had the ladies tea and fashion show and it was a great success. The men prepared the food and served the tea and did a great job.

Our fashion show ladies
Me,Sandra,Marg,Diane,Sherrie and Joan
Some of the ladies at the tea.
A fun time was had by all.

 During the week we had our annual meeting,abreakfast,dinner ,music and many more activities.