Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 6 2017 Ft. Verde

DSC03999 Today we went to Ft. Verde to visit as this is a place we hadn’t been to yet. Ft. Verde was a base for General Crook’s army scouts and soldiers in the 1870’s and 1880’s. From 1865 –1891 Camp Lincoln, Camp Verde and FT. Verde were home to officers, doctors, families, enlisted men and scouts.This was the period when the Indian Wars were in AZ. They have a nice museum showing the life of the time and a film about Ft. Verde and the Buffalo Soldiers.

There are still 3 buildings still standing. Commanding Officers Quarters, BOQ, and Surgeon’s Quarters.

Commanding Officer’s Quarters






The Commanding Officer was in charge of the base and his salary of $166. a month made it possible for his wife to able to furnish the house.They had a master bedroom, parlor,2 bedrooms upstairs a dining room and a kitchen in the back.

The Bachelors Officer’s Quarters

Unmarried officer’s lived in a sparse space. They recieved low pay,frequent moves and spent time in the field. There was a bedroom on either side,the parlor was out the back door and the kitchen was out back upstairs.




Surgeon’s Quarters


The doctor attended patients and performed surgeries in his home. Antiseptic procedures were just being developed and there were no vaccines or antibiotics at the time.The surgeons pay was $123.per month and didn’t attract top surgeons.

This fort was interesting and we enjoyed a little of the history. If your in this area stop and visit the fort.


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