Monday, May 1, 2017

April 28 2017 Red Rock Canyon Sedona

We left Apache Jct. and headed up to Verde Valley. It was starting to cool off as we got close and about 20 miles out all hell broke out.It happened again we blew the engine in the motor home. Last year as we were coming down the Siskques we blew the engine.Well we made to TT Verde Valley and here we sit.The same cylinders as last year.We got a hold people in Oregon and rebuilders from last year and they will be sending a new engine to Cottonwood.To have the same exact thing happen again at 3800 miles you begin to think what’s happening.Anyway we’re sitting here waiting and praying this time it’ll be ok.

Since we have nothing else to do we rode up to Red Rock Canyon one day and drove the loops taking photos and admiring how beautiful it is.Here’s a few photos I took.






Red rock canyon Sedona


It really is beautiful up here.I’m still hoping we’ll be able to go up to Utah.



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