Sunday, June 23, 2013

June22,2013 Beautiful Prague

We arrived late in evening from Budapest and staying at Camping Sokol outside of Prague.After a day of rest we tackled Prague.At the camp they have a shuttle that takes you to the train and goes straight into Prague.Very easy.We wanted to do the castle and it's sights first and headed in that direction.We rode the tram all the way up to Strahov Monastery and looked around and then started are walk down to the Castle.They have a new and a old castle,but you can only tour the old one.As you enter Castle Square their are guards on either side of the gate going into the complex.While there I got to see the changing of the guards.Very nice.

You must buy a ticket if you want to go into some of the sights.We were able to get 2 senior tickets for 125k each and saw 4 sights.First we went to St. Vitus Cathedral and includes tombs of local saints and the first 3 Hapsberg kings.

The old palace wasn't that interesting put it was included in the ticket.Next was the Basilica of St. George.Nothing special quite simple inside.We proceeded to the Golden Lane.These tiny old buildings originally housed castle servants and goldsmiths.Today the buildings show how they lived in medieval times.Some of the places are now used for small shops.Kinda cute.

We walked down to the Charles Bridge and crossed over to the Old Town.
The Astonomical clock.We walked around old town and sat outside for dinner and enjoyed the evening.After dinner we headed home and said goodbye to Prague.Lovely city


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