Friday, June 21, 2013

June 19,2013 Budapest

Arrived in Budapest to Camp Arena.It is close to the bus which takes you to the metro and into Budapest.It is very hot here,around 95.We got off the Metro and immediately was approached for the Hop on Hop Off tour.We decided to use this to get us around to seee the sights and get us oriented.First we took the bus all the way around the circuit and then started to hop off.We went by Gellert Baths and thought we might go there the next day.

There are several diffferent baths houses to choose from including Szechenyi Baths,and Rudas Baths.Gellert is the high end and Szechenyi is where all locals go and a little different.Beneath castle hill is a secret military hospital and nuclear bunker known as the Hospital in the Rock built during the 20th century now open to the public.
We stopped by the Opera House and went inside to see about a tour but it wasn't until 3pm and it was morning so we passed for a tour.

The bus stopped by Heroes Square for 5 minutes so got off and took a couple of pictures.This square was built in 1896 to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of the arrival of the Magyars.

Another place on our stop was the Great Synagogue,and largest in the world after the Temple Emanu-El of New York.We went inside and I had to put a scarf around my shoulders and all men must wear hats.It has a Moorish decor and balconies all around the sides were where the women originally worshipped seperately than men.Outside in the memorial garden is a Tree of Life sculpture.The willow makes a upside down Menorah and the leaves have over 4,000 names etched with each Holocaust victim.

With our Hop on ticket we also got a Danube River cruise and it was so hot we decided to use it today.It was about a hour an a half trip up and down the river.It was nice to cool off from the breeze of the water.We past the Parliment building with it's elegant spires.You can take a tour but you need to get tickets ahead of time and it was to late for us.

Sam was enjoying a beer on our river cruise.We decided to call it a day and ate at a TGIFridays for dinner.Tasted like home.The next day I wanted to go up to Castle Hill and see the castle and Sam had lost his hop on ticket for the next day,so-------we decided we would met after lunch at the Szechenyi Baths and spend the afternoon there.This place was outside and it was filled with people trying to stay cool. The large swimming pool was not hot and the other pools were warmer but not as they should of been. We relaxed and enjoyed them throughly.We had done the baths in Baded-Baden last year and these in Budapest were no comparison.I did get up to castle hill and took photos but I can't seem to load them onto my computer.I'll try again.We left Budapest and was headed toward Prague but decided to stop in this town that had a camp.This was a mistake.Everyone in town was at this lake on a one way road parked on both sides.We got to this camp but it looked to be for just tenters on a hillside.We finally got turned around and ended taking a back road to Prague.Needless to say we got there at 930pm and we were tired and just hit the bed.Tomorrow a day of rest before we tackle Prague. 


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