Sunday, June 16, 2013

June8-13 2013 Dubrovnik

We arrived at Camp Solitudo in Dubrovnik today the 8th under sunny skies.Can't say much for the campground,way overpriced and full of weeds.They also have a couple of hotels with a nice pool and beach area we can use.There are several cruise ships in every day so will try and go into town on Mon.Sunday we all went down to the pool and swam and laid out.Sunday evening I started feeling bad and  by Mon.really was feeling bad so my sister bought a 3 day pass for the wall and bus services and went by herself.The next day I was feeling better so all 3 of us went to town and wanted to walk around the wall.We didn't leave campsite until around 1pm waiting for the cruise ships to be leaving.The town was quite crowded when we got there but thinned out a little later.We started the walk around the city at 2pm and finished at 4pm.It just happened that today was a cooler day and going later in the day it wasn't as crowded.The 2 places in Croatia I liked best was Dubrovnik and Plitvice Ntl.Park.After climbing up and down steps on the wall I was pooped.We walked around Old Town a bit then headed back to camp.The next day I got up feeling bad again so didn't get into town.Kathie went byherself and rode the tram up the mountain. Beautiful views from above.She said she did a lot of climbing today so It wouldn't have been for me.We had to take my sister to the airport the next day at 5 am for her flight back home to sfo.We continued on and stopped at a camp along coast heading back towards Zadar.Beautiful spot and right on water.
I will try and give you some info on Dubrovnik and post photos as well.Although I didn't get to see that much I hope to come back another time on a cruise ship.
Dubrovnik is the Pearl of the Adriatic.In 1991 Croatia declared their independence from Yugoslavia.Within 2 weeks war broke out.They didn't expect it to hit Dubrovnik.The Serbs started bombing the town and it was finally surrrounded although a lot of the people didn't leave.After being bombed for 8 months the Croatian army liberated them.Most of Dubrovnik was destroyed although it has been completely rebuilt. You never would of known a war was raged not so long ago.Here's the city walls encircling the town from the 15th century.Do this walk on a cool day.


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