Saturday, June 8, 2013

May 28 2013 Postojna Caves,Predjama Castle

Our next stop on the road was Postojna Caves.It's the biggest caves in Slovenia with 12 miles of explored caves.When you enter the caves you board a small train which takes you into the caves 2 miles.You then get off and walk about 1 mile before getting back on the train to take you back to the beginning.One of the formations is called the Organ and one that looks like a giant ice cream.It was interesting but on the expensive side.I think it was 33 Euros for the caves and the castle.The next stop was to Predjama castle.The castle is one of Europes most scenic castles burrowed into the side of the mountain.If you would like to find more history of the castle you can do a web search.Tomorrow we should be entering Croatia.



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