Friday, July 28, 2017

June 6 2017 Leaving Gilbert and Heading to Page

After spending 2 weeks in Gilbert waiting for our RV to fixed we were on the road to Flagstaff to pick it up. It has been very stressful situation. They told us several times it was ready and several times we made a trip to Flagstaff to find it wasn’t done.On the the 6th we went to Flagstaff and Sam checked a couple things on the RV before we took off for Page. Needless there was a problem and they had damaged a belt and another had to be ordered.Another day of delays. On the  7th we finally got out of there and made it to Page.We lost our engine on the 25th of April and finally got it on the 7th of June.I sure hope all of the bad things are behind us.

We arrived at the Page Elks where we spent 2 nights with water and electric.There was lots to see in the area but because we were way behind our schedule we were’nt going to see all the things we had planned.We did get out and went to see Horseshoe Bend.Horseshoe Bend is the number one attraction around Page. It is called a entrenched meander.The Colorado river surrounds the monolith and this is why it is called Horseshoe Bend.The hike down to the Bend is approximately 1.4 miles.I suggest that if you hike down to see the bend take lots of water and go when it’s cool.I am afraid of heights and couldn’t get closer too the edge.Here’s some of my photos.

Horseshoe Bend Page Az



It has been hot here but we did take a ride over to the Carl Hayden Visitors Center.This has a great view of the Glen Canyon Dam,bridge and Lake can also watch the movie and take a tour of the Dam.There are several campgrounds around Lake Powell at marinas but also dry camping along the lake.Lake Powell is known for it’s Houseboats and water sports.You can take a boat ride up through the canyon to Rainbow Bridge and hike up to see the arch.







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