Sunday, November 26, 2017

South America Nov 23 2017 /Grand Cayman

Happy Thanksgiving! We arrived today and are boarding Celebrity Infinity for our 30 day cruise.We are leaving from Ft. Lauderdale and end in Buenos Aires.We are excited to be going on a new adventure.


Ft Lauderdale

We got onto the ship and found our room,a nice outside room with a large window.

cabin celebrity infinity 3136

There was the RCL Independence of the seas docked next to us.


Here is the tugboat taking us out to sea.




Our 1st port was Grand Cayman.They had some beautiful beaches but not much else.It is the largest of the Cayman Islands and Georgetown is the capital.Some of the things to see are the Turtle farm and you can swim with the stingrays and also with the dolphins.We got a private tour with about 15 others from town to see the island.

Our ship Infinity

Our ship Infinity Nov.26 2018 GrandCayman

We went around the island and went to Hell.Hell has a post office and bizarre rock formations.It’s said to be millions of years old.The rocks are limestone and eaten away by algae and the elements.The rocks are very sharp and and look like something out of a science fiction movie.Of course since we were in hell we had our picture taken at the Hell Post Office.


Hells Post Office




Limestone rocks welcome to Hell

Rocks that look volcanic to me.


Pictures along the coast

Unusual crab

Crab along rocks.An unusual looking crab.



Our next stop was a place you could swim with the dolphins.

Swimming with the dolphins

There some people in pool with dolphins.The dolphin would swim underneath them and you hold onto their fin.It looked like fun.

Fountain Georgetown

Our last stop was back to town where we looked around and went back to the ship.This was not one of our favorite ports but enjoyed our day.


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