Friday, May 1, 2015

Singapore May 2 2015

Arrived in Singapore at 230 am on the 30th.Very tire after a 18 hr flight. Singapore is a very clean and beautiful city.It has been very hot and humid along with some rain.We went to Chnatown and visited the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.Very ornate. Tonight went to the night safari at the zoo.Little did we know there would be over 40,000people there. It just happened to be national holiday.Only stood in lines to get in and to ride the night tram.Total about 2 to 3 hours.As I said very hot and humid standing in line.Tomorrow we will be going to gardens of the Bay and then meeting people that will be going on cruise for dinner.Sunday we start our 40 day cruise. Will try and post if I get a chance.




marina bay sands hotel and singapore flyer

We loved Singapore and definately want to return.

Our next stop was Kulau Lumpur, maylasia. Didn't see much there except for the Petronas Towers.We got a very disapointing tour there and was sorry we didn't take a different Shore Excursions.

Petronas Towers

That's it for now.I will try and post oter ports when I can get internet.


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