Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leaving Benson March 29,2016

Another month gone and it’s time to leave Benson and start heading north.It’s hard to believe 3 months of the year is already gone.Sam’s busy as always contantly working on different projects that need to be done. I’ve been doing some beading with the group here and have a couple bracelets finished.IMG_0004

San Xavier Mission

This mission is a historical landmark and the only remaining one fully intact in Arizona.It was founded in 1692 as part of the missions being built by Father Francisco Kino a Jesuit missionary. Since 1978 10 million dollars has been spent on restoration.The open everyday and free tours are given.If your in the Tucson area this a must see.







Inside mission

They started a photogorphy club here in the park and this was one of our outings.

One day we took a ride and came across Old Tucson Studios.There was a gate so we were unable to get close enough to get photos but here is one.


We also went out Mescal road and was on a mission to go see some waterfalls to no avail. There was several washes to crossDSC00009 and we don’t have 4 wheel on our new car so couldn’t forge the water.Makes us wish we had old car.It was quite deep as we tried to get through but had to back up.


We also had Ole Mexico days this month which was a three day affair.It started with a pet parade and they had some really cute dogs dressed up and some did tricks.On friday they carnival booths with games,chicken bingo,cantina,sold sweets,played blackjack and had a mexican lunch. People were dressed up for Fashions for Ole Mexico Daysthe affair.Lots of other things were going on and everyone seemed to have a good time.





We also had a Mariachi School Band that entertained us.These kids were better than professionals and have been playing insruments since they were very small.Some also had great voices.








Well now it’s time to move on until next season in Benson. Adios

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feburary Happenings 2016

We left Quartzsite on the 1st and arrived back in Benson with cold tempertures and snow flurries. The first week was busy with Dinners,Bingo,Movie night,Annual Meeting and our leaseholders party.At our new leaseholders party we celebrated 27 new leaseholders. Everyone brought heavy appetizers and cake and ice cream ws served.It is always busy here.
The 2nd week started off with our superbowl party and served up 7 different types of soup and baked potatoes.This money maker raised 600. dollars.This week started with the meetings with new members and committees.It was very busy week reorganizing.We had our monthly Bunco night and heavy food for dinner.We also had a cookie and fudge sale for Valentines.Buy your sweetie  some sweets.On the 15th they had a Valentins dinner with steak and lobster.Yummy.The week we had the usual things going on,but also had crafter's nite out. Everyone brought food and was a lot of fun.We also had our annual food auction which brings in lots of money. Lots of food items made by leaseholders and several dinners and a Progressive dinner for 6. The progressive went for 800 dollars ,down from the last couple of years.All in all it was a great fund raiser and made over 6000.dollars.The last week we had a Casita tour where people sign up to show their casitas.There were about 17 that showed theirs and somm were beautiful. On the 27th we had men's night out and we servd them dinner and had a skit or two and they played games afterward. Poker,cards,ping pong,and pool.
Our son and grandaughter flew in from California and we took them to Tomstone on Friday.Since they've been in this area they enjoyed themselves.They came down to pickup our old Suzuki for Carli as we had bought a new car and didn't need it any longer. Seems like I can't get photos posted.That's all for this month.