Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct.2014 Arkansas Part 1

We left Texas and headed to Arkansas to visit friends Ken and Vickie King. They're Escapees and we met them in Benson Az. some years ago.

Vickie has a brother with a lot of property near Bella Vista so we were able to stay there during our stay. That was very generous of them and we really appreciated it. One day we went to Bentonville to tour Walmart's Sam Walton Museum. It was interesting and how it grew over the years.
                                                  Walton's first 5 and dime store.

                                                                    Bentonville Town Square


                                                   Sam Walton's office
After visiting the Walton museum we went to Crystal Bridges Museum of America Art .This museum was founded by Alice Walton and opened in 2011.This is a enormous place with all kinds of art and sculpture along with walking trails. They have great lunches there as well.

Painting by Audubon
Tunnel made of Afghans
It was a wonderful day with friends.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept.- Oct.2014 Wyoming to Texas

We left Wyoming headed for Texas to visit friends and do some sightseeing along way. The first stop was Fort Bridger. Fort Bridger was originally a fur trading outpost established in 1842 by Jim Bridger. It was later used as a supply point
for wagon trains heading to Ore.,Calif. and Utah. Eventually the Mormans ran Jim Bridger off and took over the fort. Later battles ensued between the Mormans and Army and after all the dust had settled Wm. Carter and his family took over the fort and became the 1st millionaire in Wy.                                                        
Original Ft. Bridger
Views of rocks along the way
Next stop was Bent's Old Fort in Colorado. It was called the Castle of the Plains, reconstructed in1840 of adobe. The fort was a fur trading on the mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail. This is where traders, trappers, travelers, Cheyenne and Arapahoe tribes came together for peaceful trade and Buffalo robes. Bent's Fort was the only place on the Santa Fe Trail where wagons could be repaired and supplies replenished.
Our next stop was in Texas where stopped for 2 nights to visit friends we met on a cruise. We went down to see the Stockyards and had a nice Mexican dinner.

Friends Pam and Fred Wendt
Sam and I
After leaving Ft. Worth we were on our way 2 hours east to see a very special friend for a couple of weeks. Neva and I have known each other over 50 years. We were roomates and in each others wedding. We have lots of memories of our times together. Her husband passed on in April. While we were there she and I did a lot of shopping and ate out a lot. It was so good to see our very special friend.Here's a photo of her and Sam at AJ's. lots of catfish and shrimp.
Sam and Neva at AJ's Fish House
That's all for now. Next stop Arkansas.