Friday, January 10, 2014

Dec 31,2013 Out with the old and In with the new

This is a review of 2013. The year started out as usual in Quartzsite meeting up with friends new and old.Lots of socializing,happy hours,visiting Desert Bar,and much more.
 In Feburary we were off to Benson to our lot at the SKP park where we stayed until the 1st of April.We always have way to much happening at Saquaro Park and love all the goings on.Lots of dinners,dances,happy hours,Atving,beading and going to the bead show,Tubac Art Festival,Cowboy Poetry and Music along with much more. We left Benson and stopped for a couple weeks in Park Sierra and got everything ready for 3 month trip to Europe.We flew from SFO to Miami on the 22nd of April and boarded our ship for a Transatlantic Cruise to Copenhagen. After arriving in Copenhagen we spent 3 days there before flying to Amsterdam to pick up our RV that we had stored from the year before.We spent 3 months touring Germany,Austria,Slovenia,Croatia,Hungary,Poland,back to Germany,Belgium and back to the Netherlands.We arrived back home on Aug8th and we were ready for a rest. After a week back in the states we headed up to our lot in Chimacum Wash.Stayed there until the end of Sept. and then it was back to Calif. for Dr's. apt. and catch up.We went to Park Sierra and stayed until Nov1st and moved to Quatzsite for a chapter 7 rally,then to Yuma for 10 days,then Thanksgiving with friends in Julian.This brings us to Dec. and moved to San Diego and left our RV at Pio Pico for a couple of weeks and hopped on a  cruise ship to Hawaii and back.Our daughter and son-in-law live in San Diego so spent Christmas with them and now it's New Year's and we're back in Quartzsite where we started the year.Hope everyone had a great year and and has a Happy and Healthy New Year.