Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec.31,2009 New Year’s Eve

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.This evening we had a catered dinner and a party afterwards. Although we celebrated on New York time we had a good time.The food was great and we got to celebrate with our fellow Escapees. Ike brought in some music and we even got people up dancing.We have to catch our bus tomorrow at 6a.m. for the Rose Parade so this is why we celebrated on New York time.Our fearless leaders.

new years eve 2009 020  new years eve 2009 018new years eve 2009 012 new years eve 2009 023

Jim,Lisa,Brenda and Dave      Ike and Vickie Jensen                                                             Brenda and Vickie dancing

We all had a great New Year’s Eve and it was lots of fun.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Dec.30,2009 Bandfest

   Today we were up on the bus early and headed to see  the building of the floats. Anyone can help decorate these floats. A lot of time goes into to these floats and it’s amazing how all the little seeds and painting and flowers come together.Float decorating and Bandfest 031 Float decorating and Bandfest 026Float decorating and Bandfest 043Float decorating and Bandfest 045

After the viewing it had to begun to rain,and we were to go to the Bandsfest in an outside stadium at Pasadena City College. There were 2 busloads of us and most of the people on the second bus didn’t want to sit in the rain and watch the Bands so those staying got on our bus and the rest on the second bus went back to camp.We came to see everything and the rain was just showers on and off and we used black garbage bags to cover us.We enjoyed the bands and had a great time. There was a band from Japan that was exceptional.   

Float decorating and Bandfest 065Float decorating and Bandfest 080Float decorating and Bandfest 086Float decorating and Bandfest 096

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 2009 Wrap Up

We spent most of December in Coarsegold at Park Sierra and even had some snow.The Christmas holidays were spent in Sacramento with our kids and  we had a great holiday with family and friends. The next day after Christmas we left P ark Sierra and headed out for   the Rose parade hop. We were greeted by our hosts Dave and Brenda Neil and Jim and Lisa Koca on Sunday. After arrival we met the others at happy hour and had a catered dinner. Tuesday we caught our bus and we were transported to the the Equestfest. The Equestfest is all about the horses and riders in the Rose Parade. We watched the riders and horses go through their drills,demonstrations,trick riding and roping. It’s the wild west brought to life. 12 29 2009 Equifest 01112 29 2009 Equifest 01912 29 2009 Equifest 03912 29 2009 Equifest 196

After the equestfest we went to the Crystal Cathedral and saw The Glory of Christmas. This was a place I have always wanted to go and see. It was dark so we really didn’t see much of the outside but it was pretty on the inside. There were lots of animals coming on stage and the play was very good.This is a picture of the balcony.

12 29 2009 Equifest 204

On our way back to the bus I took a fall on a speed bump and got scratched up and bruised quite a bit. When we got back to the RV we didn’t have our keys and couldn’t get into the motorhome. Now what are we going to do? Everything was locked up tight. We tried some other rver’s keys but to no avail. I went to see if I could find a locksmith at 1030 p.m and Sam was finally able to pop the door open. After a long day we were ready to get to bed. All in all we had a great day except for the end of the day. Morale of the story make sure you have a hide a key.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recap of 2009

Jan 2009

We spent New Year’s at Lake Mittry in Yuma with the Boomer’s and a great time was had by all. Lots of food,fun and friendships formed.


IMG_3037_1 IMG_3038_1 IMG_3045

After New year’s we moved to Quartzsite and spent the month there. We also found time to go to the bluegrass festival in Blythe.

IMG_3089 IMG_3090 IMG_3096

Feb. 2009

Feburary we moved to Casa Grande to go to the Gypsy Journal Rally. Nick really puts on a fun rally and we got to meet up with lots of friends. After the rally we moved over to Salt River Rec area in Mesa with some friends and we got to try out our new Kayak. We’ve never had one and we initiated at Saquaro Lake by tipping it over in the lake.Scarry 

IMG_3129    IMG_3162     IMG_3167   IMG_3194                                           


March 2009

In March it was time to move up to Palm Springs where we stayed at Thousand Trails campground. We went over to Lake Cahuilla and spent time seeing the sights around Palm Springs. We always like coming to this area as there’s so much to do.



April 2009

We are back in Sacramento to see Dr’s. and catch up with family. We spent Easter at lake Minden camping with our kid’s. They had a Easter egg hunt and the kid’s really had fun looking for eggs. It was also my son-in-laws birthday.

DSCF0030   DSCF0035   DSCF0046   DSCF0049


May 2009

Not much happening this month. We moved up to Seaside,Ore. to take care of my husband’s aunt who is 98.

June 2009

We’ve moved up to Chimacum,Wa. to our lot in Evergreen Coho SKP park where we’ll be staying for the summer. Our kid’s will come up at the end of June for a week. While they were here we went to Seattle and over to Victoria. A great time was had by all.

IMG_0112    IMG_0143    IMG_0168    IMG_0189


IMG_0204    IMG_0207     IMG_0208     IMG_0218

July 2009

In July Sam had his 50th Class reunion in Seaside and my sister came up to spend a week. We hiked to Sol Duck Falls,went to the Lavender festival,the Sandcastle festival and over to Butchart Gardens in Victoria. We had a great week and had a lot of fun.

P7210183    IMG_0282    IMG_0251     IMG_0583

IMG_0419     IMG_0446    IMG_0493    IMG_0522


August 2009

Port Townsend is a only 10 miles from our lot in Chimacum and is a quaint town with lots of restaurants,hippes and music. They also have a fort called Fort Worden that has lots of musical venues. We were kept busy all summer.There’s so much to do and see in this area and great weather all summer long.

IMG_0350    P7190072    P7190095    P7190092


September 2009

We left Chimacum after Labor Day and headed back to Sacramento for Dr’s appt. and for Sam to have some knee surgery. We stayed in Sac until the middle of Oct. then headed to Coarsegold.

October 2009

We have been on the list for a lot here at Park Sierra for 1and half years and  our name came to the top of the wait list. Well we can say we now have a lot here. We spent all of Oct. here.


November 2009

While in Coarsegold Sam has been doing physical therapy for his knee so we’ll have to stay here until after Xmas. While here we went to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National park. We also spent Thanksgiving in Petaluma at my sister’s with all our families.It’s was nice to have everyone there.

IMG_0789     IMG_0913     IMG_0897