Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lima Dec.2 Second day continued

Today we visited another ruins called Huaca Pucllana an old pre-Incan construction dating back to 500 AD.




Mummies wrapped in cloth after death

Our next stop was to Barranco.

Barranco is a district in Lima where the rich and famous once had their beach homes. Today Barranco is a Bohemian artsy community.

We strolled along a pathway that took us to a church and park which was nice.There are some sculptures and a old church.The church is

called La Erminta and is a rundown adobe built in 1750.The chapel was burned during the war between Peru and Chili in 1882.



Park in Barranco

Our next stop was Plaza de Armas where the Govenment Palace  is located around the plaza.This is home to the executive branch

of the government and the president of Peru.


Some Peruvian women sitting in the plaza

Peruvian women She saw me take a photo and pointed at me

Parade going on in plaza

Parade in Plaza

Our next stop was the San Francisco Monastery which is known for its catacombs.The church and monastery

contain more than 70,000 bones of people that had died.It also has a library that contained books from thousands of years ago


It seems I didn’t get photos of the library or catacombs probably not allowed.We returned back to the ship after a long day.

Next stop Pisco


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