Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Manta ,Ecuador Nov.29,2017

We arrived in Manta and found our tour guide where we boarded a bus. The first place he took us to was San Lorenza beach where we saw nesting turtles.They had been fenced off so people wouldn’t step on them.


Turtles in fenced area


After leaving the beach we went to Pacoche a wildlife refuge where you see Howler Monkeys,birds and other wildlife.You pass 3 different microclimates before arriving at the reserve. This is a heavily forested area  and the path can be a little wet and slick.We walked to the lodge where they had samples of various foods.



The guide showed us the Toquilla Palms which they would weave into small containers and were also used in making the Panama hats.

Next we proceeded to area where they showed us how they used a donkey hooked up to a wood circle that the donkey walks around  and it grinds the sugar cane into syrup which they then could make into hard rock sugar.Very interesting


Our next stop was to the Alfaro museum and Mauseloum.  

This is a newer museum dedicated to Alfaro president of Ecuador twice from 1895-1901 and 1906-1911.He was known as the Old Fighter.He was a outspoken liberal and would butt heads with the Catholic Church.He believed in separation of church and state and freedom of religion.He also believed they needed a railroad connecting Quito to the Andes and the port.It would be a boost to the country and the economy. The R.R. was completed in 1908. His reforms did much to modernize the country.






Our last stop was in the town of Montecristo known for making the Panama hats.

We stopped by the church,and watched women making the panama hats.Sam and I decided we would like one so we each got one.




Woman working on  a hat.

Making a Panama hat

Monument to the panama hat


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