Monday, February 1, 2016

Jan 2016 Quartzsite

We arrived in Quartzsite on the 1st and have been here for a month with friends.This year it’s been cold except for the last week.My sister and brother –in-law stopped by ow their way back to California. They have never been here and we went to Silly Al’s for lunch.They didn’t know what to think of Q,especially when we stopped by the book store to show them this one of a kind place.Of course this always is a interesting spot in Q.Pictures were taken with Paul but will refrain from posting them.

One Saturday we had to go to Parker to Ruberto’s for our breakfast burritos.These surpass any we have ever had.We also ventured to the swap meet to see what we could find.Not much.

Another day we went to yuma to the Arizona Marketplace and came away with a few things.

The Escapees have a Happy Hour social two days in Jan.with music.We always go to this because we meet up we people we only see once a year in Q.It’s lots of fun meeting new people and seeing old friends.



Friends from Park Sierra


Park Sierra group

Sam,Margie Maloney,Dennis Keeney Elaine Cannel Sandy Keeney !st row Mary Lane,Me,Brenda Neil,Dave Neil

We went to Parker another day and went to the Desert Bar.We’ve been coming here for years and what a change over the years.It has expanded over the years with several places to eat andplaces to sit.Everything is run by solar and is only open on the weekends.It goes back 5 miles on a dirt road.They have a band playing if you would like to listen,socialize,and dance.There is also a bar.This is a fun place to go and experience something different.

Desert Bar



Nachos for a group

This is a plate of Nachos and will serve 4.

Church facade

Church facade.Lots of people come out to get married in front of this chuch facade.

One day we went out to Palmosa road where lots of friend and clubs are boondocking.Our Escapees chapter #6 and #21 were having a social serving homade soup and Polar Bears.The soup was great but the Polar Bears were the best.Love them.

On the 21st Sam and I drove up to visit our daughter and son in law in San Diego.They just moved into a new house in Mission Hills.On Fri. night we went with them to a wine bar. They belong to a wine club group and they were having there annual meeting.Sat. Jim had to work so Sam,Jill,and I went to Mission Hills Regional Park.They have various hiking trails and a nice museum.There were lots of people out hiking on a beautiful day.






Grinding Rocks







Jill and Me

Next we went to San Deigo mission and walked around






On Sunday it was Sam’s birthday so we went to the beach and Torrey Pines State Park.They have hiking trails there and went spent some time there then went to lunch In Cardiff By the Sea.A very enjoyable time with our daughter.

Ocean at Torrey Pines

Sam and Jill



Back to Q and time for Sam’s birthday party.His birthday was Sunday but since we were in San Deigo we had it when we got back.It was a great day and a fun time.


The birthday boys. Sam and Al


Friends at Potluck Birthday

It’s now the end of Janurary and time to move on to Benson.Can’t believe a month has passed so quickly.