Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 2014 4th July,winery,concert,and lots more.

Yes it's 4th of July already. Where does the time go.We started out at Evergreen CoHo with a 4th of July potluck BBQ, a cake walk, pet,push and peddle and poker walk.The potluck turned out good with quite a few participating.There hasn't been much going on here and people just aren't wanting to to do anything. I've started a happy hour every Thursday and it started out good with about 25 people and the last 2 weeks it's dropped to about 3.Tried to get Bunco going but has to cancel because of no participation.We did have a wine tasting in June and had about 25 people which turned out real good.I will do another tasting in July and Aug.Here is some photos of the 4th of July here in the park.
George Hilke and Diane Roulier
On Saturday we went into Pt. Towsend for a concert at the Centrrum Theater.In the summer at Ft Worden they have several types of music and people come from all over the world to learn and perform. This weekend Fiddles without Borders was the venue. On stage were
3 men from Quebec who played and sang traditional French songs.
Another one we really liked was Betse Ellis,who could really play the fiddle and sing.She was really on fire and was very entertaining. She was from the Ozarks and had a powerful stage presence and made you sit up and get involved.Wow she was great.
There was a band from St. Lucia that was fun and entertaining ,called the Manmay Lakay Folk Band.This band was much like a Caribean with a twist .All entertainers were good and can't wait till the next  one in Aug. which will be the Acoustic Guitars.

After the concert we went to SeaJ's for fish and chips,a perfect ending to a perfect day.

  The next day we decided to get out and go exploring.Our first stop was to Eaglemount Winery.They have cider and wines but we weren't impressed.We did buy 1 bottle but they were quite expensive.We can check that off the list.
Next stop Smitty's for a Smitty's giant burger.Yummy
Last and final stop the Eaglemount Rockery. I heard about this place on a flyer and had to check it out. They have a few cottages for rent but they also have lots of castles and things made out of stones.
Mt. Rushmore
Twenty Mule Team
It was an interesting stop. The girls and I took a trip one day to Silverdale to see a movie and had lunch.It was a nice day out. We went to see Tammy and it was very funny,a must see. 
Carole Hansen, Judy Hilke, Me, Diane Roulier
Last weekend we went over to Bainbridge Island for a Bluegrass festival. They had about 6 groups playing but liked only 3 groups. They had one group we really liked called American Home Bluegrass. They were very professional and we told them about the Bluegrass Fest in Blythe and Grass Valley,Ca. They have applied for Grass Valley and hope to get into that venue.All the top names in Bluegrass go there. It was hot that day and I got sunburned  but we enjoyed the day and the music.
This group was definitely not bluegrass. They were all country, but good.
Well we celebrated our 49th anniversary on the 31st and went with friends to Doc's Marina Grill for dinner. Good friends ,great food and on the water. What more could you ask for.
That's it for this month. Tomorrow starts a week of fun here in the park and I'll tell you about that in my next post.


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