Saturday, August 24, 2013

July 18 2013 Paris

This will be a catch up blog of our last few weeks in Europe.We arrived in Paris where we’re staying at camp Bois Du Bolgone.This campground holds about 500 and packed,they have a bus that takes you to the train which is very convienent.We will stay 5 nights here.We have been to Paris before but this is one of our favorite city.The first day into Paris we took bus #69 recommended by Rick Steves.This passes by a lot of places to stop but my main mission was to go to a cemetery,not just any cemetery but the largest and oldest we have ever seen.There are many famous people buried here and here’s some photos.

Victor HugoIMG_1410


Jim Morrison(Doors)IMG_1420

Others buried here Simone Signoret,Yves St. Montand

We walked around and went by the Eiffel Tower and there were lots of people in line to go up to the top.We have done that before so only stopped to take some photos.Always a beautiful sight.IMG_1404

The second day into Paris we went to Notre Dam.Again very crowded.Mid July through Aug. is the high tourist season so if your going a different month would be wise.

Notre DameIMG_1477

Notre DameThe statues are the 28 kings of Judah.

From here we walked to the Latin Quarter and there every kind of food you could want.


On to St.Chappel a gothic church built in1248 for King Louis 14th It was hard to get photos inside the church but was very nice.

St. ChappelIMG_1493

Next stop was to the Hall of Justice and the Conciegerie. The Conciegerie was a palace of kings and also a prison.2780 prisioners were sent to the guillotine including Queen Marie Antoniette.IMG_1501

Marie Antionette in cell before hanging.Marie-Antionette before her hanging

Sam along the Seine RiverIMG_1485

Seine RiverIMG_1476

The 3rd day in Paris we went to the Louvre,Musee D’Orsay and Arc Du Triumph.The Louvre is a wonderful museum full of famous paintings and sculptures.One of our favorite places.Although it was wall to wall people we still like looking at the paintings.The Mona Lisa was so packed with people you couldn’t get near to take a photo.We were able to walk right up to her years ago and there was no rope to keep you behind it.Some photos of some paintings and sculpture.

Venus De Milo


Mona Lisa



We went to the Musee D’ Orsay and we weren’t allowed to take photos.I love this museum because it has some of my favorite painters.Manet,Monet,Rembrandt,Degas among others.

Next and last stop in Paris was the Arch De Triumph.It was constructed in1806 to 1836 for Napolean 1st because he wanted his soldiers to be able to walk through Arches of Victory.There is a tomb of the unknown soldier and this memorial is to all the soldiers who died for their country.You climb up to the top of the Arch and you have a beautiful view of Paris.

Arch De Triumph


Sam and I top of Arch




Goodbye Paris




Friday, August 2, 2013

2013-7-12 Beaune and Abbey Fontenay

Today we are on our way to Beaune France,but we make one stop along the way.This stop was at Abbey Fontenay,one of the oldest abbeys in France.It was founded by St. Bernard in 1118.That's a long time ago.The church is very plain,they didn't want the monks to be distracted by their prayers.Their daily rations were a loaf of bread and a quarter liter of wine.Everything was here that they needed.It was a prosperous abbey in that they had the 1st metal working plant.They would forge tools and sell them for profit.

We left the Abbey and headed for Beaune (the wine country). When we got to Beaune we found the parking area for campers and it's all free.All it is a parking lot per say but that nite there were 22 rvs.Beaune is a very busy little town with lots of tourists but we  enjoyed it anyway.First off it was a very short walk to town and to the Hotel Dieu. The Hotel Dieu was not a hotel but a hospital for the poor.It was established in 1446 and closed in 1971.The Chancellor of Burgandy wanted to do something for the people.The exterior roof of the courtyard had a colorful glazed tile.It is beautiful.The paupers ward was the grandest for the poorest.Every patient deserved dignity and had a pewter jug,mug,plate,and bowl.The smaller St. Huge ward was for the wealthy that could pay for their services.Everything was there,kitchen,surgery,pharmacy,maternity and church.Every patient received the best services weather poor or rich.This is a must see if you get to Beaune France. Our next stop was to go to one of the cavas.We decided to to try Patriache Peret Fils. When we arrived we paid our tasting fee and off we went to the cellars.When we got to the tasting area the lady told us to start with the 3 whites then move on to the reds.We were down in the caves and there was a barrel with a candle and a bottle of wine sitting there for you to taste.She left and we proceeded to taste.After 3 whites and 9 reds I was a little tipsy.We bought a couple of bottles and went on to have lunch.Very nice indeed.When we got ready to leave Beaune the shift lever broke again and Sam had to find a longer bolt.He got it fixed and we're off to Paris.