Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 29,2013 Update on last couple weeks

The last few weeks have been busy with dances, entertainment and happy hours.There's so much we can hardly keep up.Photo of a small happy  hour.
We have lots of entertainment here in Benson.One of the entertainers was Baxter Black.He told alot of funny stories and even sang.He has a charity in Benson that trains down and out people in car repair.They have a great success rate.He is really good.

We also had a couple that were from Oklahoma called Call of the West.She could play lots of instruments and both sing.Both have been nominated for the WMA duo of the year and she has won for instrumentalist of the year.They were very good and we enjoyed them a lot.A great night of entertainment.
On Monday some friends stopped by for a few days on their way back to Minnesota.Tuesday we decided to take them to Bisbee and see the town and have lunch.The Brewery


After walking around and doing a little shopping we headed over to the Copper Queen Hotel for some lunch.Bisbee was a city founded on copper mining and you can take a train ride into the old mine.Lunch on the veranda.

OnThursday they had a Chili cookoff in the park along with a dunk tank.For $5 you could taste 14 different chilis and after the judging you got a bowl of chili with cornbread.They had some very good chili.They also were selling Margaritas,wine and beer.You could pay $1 for 3 balls on the dunk tank.This is one of many fund raisers we have in the park.All the money raised goes for entertainment,food,and other activities.Our park has lots of activities so no one will be bored.Friends Jan and Roy.
Our time on our lot is over and it's time to move north.We left on Friday and spent the night in Quartzsite and today we are at the Elks in Bakersfield.Tomorrow will be at our lot in Coarsegold for about 10 days before heading to the WARE rally in Lodi and then we're off to Europe for 3 months.That's all for now.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 3 2013 ATV,Fairbank Townsite and more

Thursday we went with others on a ATV ride and we had a great time.Who would of thought that we’d being riding ATV’s and being adventurous and living life in our 70’s.I’m so glad we are livin’ ez on the road and still having fun.There are those who live the adventure and those that don’t.Don’t be the person that says I wish I had done that.Just get up and do it. I have some photos of our ride and will post a few.
Our ATV groupA great day was had by all.
On Saturday we went to the town of Fairbank.Fairbank is on the San Pedro River and it came into existence in 1881 with the construction of the New Mexico and Arizona railroad.They were having a event that day and it was fun.They have a walking trail to many sites that use to be Fairbank.There was a ranger that gave us a little history and a walk to the old cemetery.There are some buildings still there from the old mercantile,schoolhouse,and some other buildings.They had the artillery,calvary and some people showing their crafts.Here’s some photos.
old Post Office and Mercantile
Fairbank Cemetery
IMG_9167After spending the morning in Fairbank we headed back to Tombstone and went to Schieffelin’s monument.Ed Schieffelin was a prospector and found silver around the area which is now Tombstone.He named is mine Tombstone and this led to the town of Tombstone.When he died the town erected this monument to him.
Ed Schieffelin Monument
IMG_9189On the way back home to Benson we stopped in St.David at Holy Trinity Monestary. This is a Benedictine Monastery.We have passed this place many times and see this cross so this time we stopped.The visitor center was closed so we just walked around.IMG_9196It was a full day and we headed home.Just livin’ ez