Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb.20,2012 Winter wonderland

Yesterday it started snowing around 11 in the morning and didn't stop till 11 that evening.We woke up in the morning to a winter wonderland.Lots of snow and very cold.We are about 3500 ft here in Benson so it can snow and this year it did just that.I prefer the warmer weather but this is is ok for a couple of days,now let's get back to the 70's.

Last night was our annual ladies night out in the clubhouse.This year's theme was Romance through the ages.As always the men prepare the meal and serve it. There is always entertainment and it is always funny.Here's some of the photos from the evening starting with the cave man era to modern day.

We also entertained by the Russian Bulgar Band.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb.9,2013 Snow

Today is my birthday and I woke up to snow.Yesterday it was 70 and sunny,today snowing and cold.Crazy weather.The snow wasn’t stopping us today because we were going to the yearly Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Sierra Vista.This is the 3rd year we’ve gone and we really enjoyed it.




Cowboy Poetry



IMG_8934IIt was a fun day and that evening they had a dance in the clubhouse,so we finished off the night at the dance.A great day for my birthday.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feb 8,2013 Tubac

Today was a nice day so we got up and went to Tubac,Az for their annual Arts Festival.I try and go every year as they have so many nice things for sale.The town has lots of stores that are artsy and I love looking at all their wares.It’s a fun time and also a old historical town.Some photos from today.



IMG_8915There is a area where there are lots of sculptures and every year they have new ones.




We had

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb.3,2013 Dentist,Eyeglasses

Before we left Quartzsite we had to make a trip to Algondones so I could get my teeth cleaned and have my glasses fixed.My glasses dropped and and the lens broke so finally got them fixed.I can see! We left Quartzsite on the the 31st and headed to Benson.We decided to stop overnight at the Moose Lodge in Arizona City.
We got back on our lot in Benson on Friday afternoon.It was to be back.Saturday night they had some entertainment.They had Shyrock Magic back by popular demand.Again a great show.
TheyThey had a superbowl party in the clubhouse and the game was a disapointment.The 9ers lost.Busy week coming up here in Benson.Livin'ez on the road hope you do the same.