Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 7,2012 Still England

We've been moving along and find that I may need a phone so got one in Chichester for $20. and a sim card for $10.We need it to call ahead to some campgrounds to see if we can get in.This is the start of their busy season.We are noticing that everything is expensive here.Diesel has been around 1.56 pounds a liter.Campgrounds are high as well.We have the ACSI club card and have  been using it when we can.They charge you to park everywhere and they also have barriers so you can't get into some places.This certainly isn't Europe.All sites charge to see things so we bought the English Heritage card that lets us into a lot sites for free.We'll get our money's worth out of this card.We came to Portsmouth and wanted to visit the town,well of course they are not RV friendly.We finally found a street parking and hopped a bus down to the warf.Later we wondering where we were going to stay.The only place we could find was a campsite for 28 pounds.We took it but was complaining all night.28 pounds equals around 48 US dollars for the night.The next 2 nights we were able to stay at a ACSI campground for 14 pound a night. This was beautifully landscaped and had hardstandings to park the Rv very nice.It's been raining most everyday.Hope to have photos next blog.

July 2 2012 Battle of Hastings

After leaving Canterbury the next day we went to the Battle of Hastings.The Battle of Hastings is a very important date in English history.On Oct.1066 a battle took place between King Harold the 2nd and William the Conquerer of Normandy.This story is about the two men who were promised the throne of England.William says that Edward had promised the throne to him and Harold took the crown from the dying Edward.Harold said that the throne was given to him on Edward's dying bed.He was told to take care of his wife and gave the kingdom to Harold.A battle insued and William the Conquerer won.He became King and that changed the British history forever.I haven't been able to find photos of the castle and Abbey.There lost somewhere in the computer.Stay tuned for what's ahead.

Monday, July 23, 2012

June 29 2012 England

Today we sailed from Calais France to Dover England on the ferry.It took about 1and half hours.As we got closer we were able to see the White Cliffs of Dover.We arrived and we decided to go to Canterbury first and see the Canterbury Cathedral.This cathedral is where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered.We were lucky that we were able to park the Rv in a park in a park and ride for 2.50 for 24 hours.The bus took you into town and it was very conveinent.They also had a place to get water and dump your chemical tank.We spent the night there with other rvs.The next couple of days we stayed at a campground across from the beach and got our laundry done.It's been raining since we arrived in England.This campground we stayed at was a ACSI so the rate was only 12 pounds but it was not very clean.Don't recommend any Holisy Parks in England .Can't find photos so will post later.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 28,2012 Normandy

We left the Mount St. Michel area and drove up the coast up France to Normandy.We were looking forward to seeing all the D-Day sights.Our first stop was to the Airborne Museum. They had a lot of information on the Paratroopers and in the town on the church steeple a parachute still hangs.When the paratroopers were landing a young man landed on that very church and they keep it there to honor him. The museum had a couple of planes one being a glider that was used to land with men and supplies.After visiting the museum we went to Utah Beach were the landings took place.They have a museum there and a you can walk the beach where they landed.Next we went to Utah beach and walked around the area where the craters are still there from the bombs.They are everywhere.There are lots of German bunkers and the area tells the story of our men landing on the shores and climbing the cliffs.When you see movies of D-Day you can really visualize how it was being there.Our next stop was the American Cementery. This is a beautiful place of peace overlooking Utah beach.When you looki at all the crosses you have to stop and reflect on all these men did for their country.It was very moving.Our next stop will at Calais when we take the ferry over to Britain.

Monday, July 2, 2012

June 23 2012 France

Well I'm back again. It's a pain not having internet and not being able to post or send emails. Anyway here is a catch up of where we've been and what were doing.After we left Antibes we headed up to Avignon and found it very interesting.In Avignon is where the the Pope had moved all their operations in 1309 to get away from Italy.Here they have the Palace of the Popes.We were camped right in from of the Seine river and we could just walk across the bridge to the town. We also took the bus to Pont Du Gard.This was where th Romans had built a aquaduct.
After leaving the Avignon area we were headed to the Coast of France.We wanted to see Mount St.Michel and it was another nice site.The scenery on the way was full of trees and mountains and and scenic. We really enjoyed our trip the next few days.