Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11,2012 Monaco,Nice, Antibes

Since I haven't had internet I haven't been able to post for awhile so Now I can catch up.We left the Cinque Terre area and headed down the Italian Riveria.We ended up going through Genova by accident and boy were we sorry.A large city with crazy drivers and motorcycles. We arrived at a camper stop that was in Pietra Ligure and it was close to the beach and town but the stop was not very good. Next we moved on down to San Remo for a couple of days and took the train to Monaco.We visited the Prince's palace and walked along a beautiful garden down to the port with all the beautiful yachts.We also walked to Monte Carlo to the Casino and it was like nothing I've seen before.I even gambled my 20euros so I can say I played the slots there.You should of seen all the cars out front.Masseratis etc.Even got a few photos.We also went to the church were Prince Rainier and Princess Grace were married and buried.Monaco is a very nice place to visit although no camper places.Next we moved down to Antibes and stayed at Le Rossignol campground.We took the train into Nice and walked the old town and along the beah Promenade.Nice is a huge city but everyone just goes to the beach and shops in old town. We wern't to impressed by we were heading to Aix en Provence and drove along the coast through Cannes.This area is beautiful and we would like to soend a week in this area.We are now in a campground close to Aix en Provence and will head to Avignon tomorrow.I'm liking France. 
I can't get the photos posted will try later.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 5,2012 More photos of CT

Here are some more photos of C.T.

June 5, 2012 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is made up of 5 small villages on the side of the mountain.You can only get there by train and they are all unique in their on way.Last year 2 of the towns were hit by floods that swept away homes and a lot of the towns were covered in mud.They are still cleaning up in Vernazza and working hard to rebuild.They have trails that you can hike from one town to the other although in between 2 towns the trails were closed from the slides.We took the train to Riomaggiore and then hiked the trail to the next town which was Manarola.It is a flat trail that winds around the moutain and the view is spectacular.After we walked around this town we took the boat to Venazza and skipped Corniglia.We decided to take the trail to the next town not knowing it would take us about 3 hours.If we knew what is was like we would have never done it.You start at the sea and go high above to the top of the mountain and then come all the way back down to the town of Monerossa al Mare.This trail was very narrow in places and rock steps going all the way up the mountain.Up about halfway I didn't know if I could make it or not.It is the hardest climb we have ever done.The steps were very uneven and sometimes I would have to pull myself up as my legs were to short.Did I say this was the hike from Hell.The trail was very crowded and at times it was so narrow only one person could walk and wait till you could get by.After all was said and done the villages were beautiful but I would never take the trail again from Vernazza to Monterosso.I say take the train and get off at each village.

June 4,2012 Vareggio

We've spent the last few days at a campsite close to the beach.We were ready to just stay put and relax.We met a nice couple from Switzerland and did some socializing and we spent one day laying on the beach with lots of other people.Not to much to post.Next we'll be heading to Cinque Terre.

June 1 2012 Pisa

After leaving Florence we went to Pisa.The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of Europe's most recognizable images and it's free.You can pay 15 Euros to climb the tower but we decided not to do the climb.You can read all about the tower on the internet.The tower sits on a large field of grass called the Field of Miracles.On this field they have a enormous Cathedral and Baptistry as well as a museum.We enjoyed tthe area and then moved onto our next stop,Vareggio.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 31,2012 Florence

We headed out to Florence this morning intending to see the real David.That is Michelangelo's David.You need to get your tickets to go to the Academia and or you'll be standing in a long line to see if you can get in.You are assigned a time and if you have your tickets you can by pass the long lines.We bought our tickets at the Orsanmichele church ticket window and no line at all.Oh yes we got to see David although Sam wasn't that excited I was as this is one of the things I wanted to see.The statue is huge and very real looking.What a sculpture.Wow. We stolled around the town and went to see the Duomo.Very large and intersting on the outside but very dull on the inside.We saw the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge with all its shops.Florence has many museums and we were museumed out so we pretty much walked around  and also went to the market were they sell lots of leather coats,purses,shoes and lots of other things.I guess we have been worn out when it comes to the big cities so we will move on tomorrow.

May30,2012 Florence

Today started out good but ended not so good.We are headed to Florence and looking for the campground we will be staying at.We were getting close to Florence and our Gps couldn't find where we were going.It ended up taking us into the main part of Florence where the streets were one lane and very narrow.Not only that but we were in a no zone area which we wern't suppose to be in. I told Sam to get us out of here but we kept going round and round and people were staring at us as to say what are you doing here.Heck we don't know.We finally got out of that situation and spent another hour looking for the campground.We had past the Michelangelo campgroud several times and almost went in there even if it was 40 euros a night.After awile we finally found what we were looking for and it was in a town called Bottai.We have a discount card we use at a lot of campgrounds and they wouldn't honor it as of this year. Oh well just 33 euros a night and to think we could of stayed  at Michaelangelo for 40e and wouldn't have spent all that diesel driving around.Anyway we got settled in and there's a bus stop close by to take us to Florence in the morning.

May 29,2012 Sienna

We got a late start today as I was doing some laundry and it took about 2 hours for a wash and 2 or mor hours to dry.After finishing we went to Siena which sits atop a hill.The only place we could find to park was along a street where there were other rvs parked.You cannot take vechicles into the old town so we had quite a steep uphill climb.The only thing we did in Siena was stroll the streets and got to their main square.It's the only town square where you see people stretched out like at a beach.The square is much like a amphitheater,surounded by the City Hall and city tower.There are small cafes to sit out and enjoy your food and drink.Since it was getting late we decided to move on and find a place to spend the night.

May 28,2012 Orvieto

We left Rome and got to Camperstop in Orvieto.We are parked below the town right near the train station.They have a funicular you can take up to the old town. Orvieto is known for their  cathedral,classic wine and ceramics.The cathedral is very unusual with it's gothic facade and the rest is done with grey and white stripes.There are also known for their underground wells which we didn't go down into them.The old town sits on what is called tuff which is volcanic rock.Lots of tourist during the day but quiet at night.

May 25,2012 Rome 3

We headed back to Rome for the 3rd day in a row and determined to see the Sistine chapel at the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's.We started out going to the spanish steps and the place was very crowded as it was everywhere.We walked a ways and stopped at the Trevi Fountain again crowded with people.It is hard to get good pictures with so many people.We finally got to the Pantheon.The Pantheon is built in the round and the dome served as a model for Michelangelo'sdome of St.Peters.After seeing the Pantheon we decided to go over to see if we could get in to the Vatican Museum.It was around 230 and we were told we should be able to get in.We walked over and were able to get tickets for 3p.m.Yeah!Basically I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel but this museum covers 4 miles of displays and can take up to 4 hours to see and enjoy.We were able to go directly into see St. Peters from the museum so no long wait.Majestic and huge.A must see in Rome.By this time we were completely wore out and head back to the rv.  

May 24,2012 Rome Day 2

Today we got a earlier start and headed into Rome at 9 A.M.The first thing we wanted to do was go to the Collosseum.This is one of Roman's most important sites.Over 2000 years and so much history of of gladiators fighting to death.The outer walls have 3 level of arches.It was divided into 3 sections. The arena floor where they did the fighting,the cavea which was the seating for the spectators and the podium which was reserved for emperors,senators,etc.Next onto the Palantine where Rome's most affluent lived and then to the Forum.The forum was the center of all activity. Here you can see all the ruins of the forum.I wanted to go to the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel but you need reservations. With no phone or printer there is no way to get the reservations.We wlked over and found out if you go late afternoon the crowds have thinned and you may be able to get same day tickets.The plan is to go tomorrow and see if we can get in.It was very hot today and we were more than ready to get back home.