Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb.24 2011 4x4,Geocaching and Bisbee

Yesterday morning we were up early(early for me)because we were going to go 4x4,geocaching and end in Bisbee for lunch. We went up into the Mule mountains enjoying the scenery and looking for some caches.There were 14 of us that went. Mule mountains
Looking for a cache
Overlooking Bisbee
4x4 wheeling,this part we couldn't do as we didn't have enough high clearance.
Building a arch

Finished arch
Sam was in the brush and found a arrow
On the way back to the highway we saw and old trailer and a rock circle.
Next we were off to Bisbee for a great lunch. We worked up a appetite hiking and geocaching .What a great time we had today.We're Livin'EZ hope you do the same.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb.17,2011 Sock Hop and Cowboy Poetry

Here in Benson at the park they have a dance every week and one of the Saturdays they had a 50s sock hop. Some of the people dressed for the occasion and danced to the oldies.Brings you back to memories of high school.
One day we went with several others from the park to the Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Sierra Vista. This is one of the largest gatherings in the west. Artists from all over the west come to sing and perform their poetry. On Saturday it is open to the public and free for that one day.We spent the whole day listening to the music and poetry of the old west.It was amazing how great the talent was there. If your ever in the area in Feb. make this a to do on your list.
After the gathering we stopped in Tombstone for dinner.We had a wonderful day.Livin'ez on the road

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb.11,2011 Back in Benson

We arrived back in Benson and immediately it turned cold.It got down to 10 degrees and every one was having frozen pipes and water damage in their casitas. After thawing out we got back to the business of our having fun at the park.There is never a dull moment in our park with all the activities. Cards, Bunco, Dancing and lessons,happy hours,dinners,parties,beading,woodworking and much much more.If you don't find anything that interests you that's your fault as they have something for everyone.It's a very busy park. My birthday was on the 9th and Sam took me out to Tucson for a movie and dinner. We saw True Grit and it was very good. We also had dinner at the Red Lobster.We had way to much to eat and  tookhome leftovers.
  Last nite was Ladies night out and it was such a blast.It was a Hawaiian theme and the ladies dressed up in finest hawaiian dress. To make things fun the men had on hula skirts and coconut shells over the boobs.It was hailarious watching them do the Hula. They also cooked and served us dinner and desert.We had some interesting entertainment that was very good and funny. What a great time was had by all. Can't wait till next year.Here's some pictures of our night.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We arrived in Quartzsite on the 2nd of Jan. and stayed for a month.Back in our same spot there were 3 other of our friends already there.We had other friends arriving from other places and would be seeing them somewhere in the desert.One night we got together with friends Jerry and Carol and went to see the Travelers (a music group)who played fantastic music.Jay Bonham sang a lot of his songs he had written for famous people and whom he use to tour with back in the days.He was Jay of Jay and the Americans and do you remember Dream Lover.Here’s Jerry and Carol and Jay Bonham and the Travelers.

Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 001

Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 009 We had many happy hours during the month we were in Quartzsite.We attended the Escapees happy hour and saw a lot of friends there.

Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 026Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 031

Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 033 George Olson playing minute to win it.Sorry you didn’t win.

Jan. 2011 Quartzsite 038We also had a birthday party for Sam on the 24th and what a turnout.Other friends Al and Duane had a birthday as well.We also had friends from Mesa come up.There were about 12 people who were there that we didn’t even know.I made  Carrot Cake and made Polar Bears for drinks. That was a big hit.

2011-1 Quartzsite 014

2011-1 Quartzsite 010

2011-1 Quartzsite 017

We went out to Boomerville a couple times and went one time for a wine tasting party.What fun and so good see old friends and meet new ones.

2011-1 Boomerville wine tasting 005

 Wine tasting before and after.

Variety of wines

Dead Soldiers

We enjoyed our month in Quartzsite seeing old friends,meeting new ones,shopping,happy hours and potlucks. Now it’s time to move on and head to Benson for a month or two.Hope to see you down the road.We’re Livin’ Ez on the road hope you do the same.