Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30,2010 Acadia National Park

After leaving Portsmouth,N.H. we arrived in Ellsworth ,Me. at Patten Pond campground.This is a Encore Park and has a nice lake. We could see the pond from our RV.
Today we drove to the southeast of Acadia Ntl. Park which is the quiet side. Here's a photo of Somesville foot bridge. Lots of photos are taken at this spot.
On our way to Tremont there is a building with all the colorful buoys used in lobster fishing.Its in a small bay and has a restaurant.
Next we went to Bass Harbor Lighthouse. We were here in 05 and got to see the other side of the lighthouse but now it's blocked off.
To be continued tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26,2010 50th Class Reunion

Well here I am after 50years since graduating from high school. This is a milestone,I'm still kicking with a few ailments.This was the best reunion I ever went to, 3 days of socializing and partying.We had a class of about 290 and there were 125 classmates at the reunion. 58 had passed away and17 unable to locate and others just didn't come. What a blast. We stayed in our motorhome in front of my girlfriends house.Some photos of our reunion.
On sunday after our brunch Cis took us up along the coast to Nubble Lighthouse and to Kennebunkport. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather. The beaches were packed with people enjoying the day.
We continued our drive and went past George H.W.Bush residence.They don't want you to stop on the road but that's what you get for being famous.
We had a great time visiting with friends and seeing places I use to frequent during high school. Tomorrow we're off to Acadia National Park.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010 Boston

We're now in Mass. and taking in the sights of Boston today.We took the subway into Boston and because it was very hot we decided take the hop on hop off trolley. We also got a 45 minute harbor cruise with our ticket. We lucked out as we were staying at Hanscom A.F.B. fam camp and we got our tickets for 10 dollars off the price for the trolley.Photos of our day in Boston.
New State House Old State House and site of the Boston Massacre
Quincy Market
Bunker Hill Monument
U.S.S Constitution
Boston Harbor
What's a trip to Boston if you don't stop at Cheers for a beer.

First firehouse in Boston still in use today.
Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox There's so much more of Boston to see and lots of history to learn. It was a great day even if it was hot. We're livin' ez on the road hope your enjoying life as much as we are.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13 2010 Amish

Today we got up and we went to Lancaster to Best Buy and Costco.Since my old Canon stopped working I've been looking at the new Canon and Nikons to replace my old one.I've read numerous reviews on the models and finally decided on the Canon210sx. I'll take some photos and see if I'm going to like it.
Some other photos

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 12,2010 New Holland

We arrived at Spring Gulch Campground in New Holland,Pa.on the 9th.Oh what did I say about level campsites.I should of kept my mouth shut.They put us in a site for a 35ft rv but that wasn't too bad as we were able to fit,but all hell broke loose when we wern't able to level. This site was worse than last nights and I thought that was bad. We had cement blocks and stacks of wood so high I thought we would reach the sky.There was no way we were going to get anywhere level and after 2 hrs. trying Sam gave up. It was so hot and he was mad as hell.I went to the office and they gave us a beautiful site up the hills and in the trees with full hookups and cable. These sites we were in are for people who put in park models and lease their sites.Although they also have sites for the public. We loved this new site and were very happy. Nice and level. After we got set up went to the Sugar Maple Smorgasboard for dinner. This place is huge and and they must of had 400 or 500 hundred in the place.This is Amish country and hope to see lots of them and there buggys tomorrow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8,2010 Harpers Ferry

Today we are on our way to Pennsylvania and Harpers Ferry.We arrived at Harpers Ferry and it was over 100 degrees but we are on a mission to see all the National Park sites.The U.S. Armory and Arsnel was established here in the 1790s thus transforming this area from wilderness to an industrial center.The Potomac and Shenandoah rivers brought power to the local mills and factories.Before the Civil War this was a thriving town. Then along came John Brown. He was an abolitionist and against slavery and he thought he could free the slaves.This why you hear about John Browns raid and the song. With just 21 men they seized the armory on Oct.16, 1859. After 36 hours of fighting and most of his men dead they captured Brown in the armory fire engine house.They found him guilty of treason. He was hanged on Dec. 2, 1859.Thus bringing the attention to the nation,starting the Civil War. There's alot more history here but that's all for now. Pictures of Harper's Ferry.
Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet

St.Peters Catholic church This staircase of rocks is a long ways from the bottom to the top to see the church.I started to climb and got about 3/4 of the way up when I started having trouble breathing and feeling dehydrated from the heat. I wasn't sure I would make it back down those steep stairs without passing out.I did make it and got a snocone and was inside with air conditioning in the store.Sam was out walking around so he couldn't help me.This heat and humidity is deadly. Well we left Harpers Ferry and got to Gettysburg and stayed at Artillary campground. Well of all our years of rving we have never had to move sites because of not getting level.This space was so bad our backend was dragging and the front was way up in the front. We were finally moved to another site which was still quite unlevel but we managed to get in and level up. After all this we knew we just wanted a good place to eat and we chose General Picketts Buffet. The food is very good and most homemade with delicious desserts.Very reasonable. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Amish country near Lancaster.We have been to Gettysburg a couple times before so we won't stop to see again. We're livin'ez on the road.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7,2010 Shenandoah National Park

We left Lynchburg and followed part of the Blue Ridge Parkway to Shenandoah National Park. It is a beautiful drive and there are lots of pullouts to take in the blue haze of the mountains. We decided to camp in the park and we're staying at Big Meadows Campground.No hookups but camping with our gap pass it's $10.00.This is a park that you do a lot of hiking in and since it is so hot we won't be doing any of that. They have a lot ranger hikes if your up to that in this weather.They also have a bus that takes you down to Rapidan,which is Pres. Hoover's White House retreat. At one of the overlooks I saw a couple of guys rock climbing on a steep rock. Not for me. We had a nice large pull-through site in the campground. It was only half full. We also saw a doe with her baby fawn which was nursing. this was quite a site.
Back to Hoover's camp.We were given a lot of information on Hoover and his background. He went to Stanford where got is degree in Geology and met is wife Lou Henry who also was a geology major. He loved to fish and in younger years would come up to the Shenandoahs. After he became Predident he and his wife built Rapidan camp. There were also other cabins for his doctor and secret service.It has a stream running through the property where he could do fishing and just relax.
The cabin was very rustic with a large living area and a second one for the women. We wern't allowed to take pics of the inside but here is the outside.
There is a large fireplace that is outside and was used as photo ops when there were dignataries visiting.

That's it for today,tomorrow Harper's Ferry.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 2 2010 Appomattox

Today we were off to Appomattox Court House. This was the site where Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9,1865 thus ending the Civil War.There is a lot of history here in Virginia about the civil war and all of it interesting.Learning a little bit more of our history.

The first stop was to see the Court House. They have a interactive display showing the recreation of the battle and then you can visit the buildings and see where the battle took place.Here’s the Court House.

2010-7-02 Appomattox 027

We walked around to the buildings and saw the Tavern,Jail,and Peers home.

2010-7-02 Appomattox 033

2010-7-02 Appomattox 036

2010-7-02 Appomattox 039 

This is where the last shot was fired in 1865.

2010-7-02 Appomattox 048

2010-7-02 Appomattox 047

When Lee and Grant sat down in Mclean’s home to sign the agreement,Grant asked only that the Confederates pledge not to take up arms against the U.S.Officers could keep there side arms and all others that had horses could take them home.Here.s the McLean home where the agreement was signed.

2010-7-02 Appomattox 061

Tables where they signed documents.

2010-7-02 Appomattox 066

We went by the Confederate Cemetery and saw graves of unkown soliders and others. Since it being 4th of July weekend it made a impression on us and made us think of our soldiers off in another country fighting for freedom. God Bless all of them.2010-7-02 Appomattox 016 

2010-7-02 Appomattox 020

Happy birthday and 4th of July to our country.Let freedom ring.

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1,2010 Monticello

We arrived at Lynchburg Thousand Trails yesterday and will be staying here till after the 4th. Today our trip took us to Monticello,home of Thomas Jefferson. Since this being the 4th of July weekend it was a good time to visit Jefferson's home. He was the author of our Declaration of Independence and the 3rd President. In 1768 Jefferson began leveling his mountain top for his home and thus began a 40 year period of design,constuction,and remodeling. In 1796 he began to transform Monticello into 3 stories and added the dome.Monticello was home to about 150 slaves who worked on the plantation doing various jobs. He was interested in gardening and had planted vegetables,trees,and raised tobacco. Wine Cellar
Kitchen Jefferson is buried on the grounds with other members of the family and is still used today by his descendants. Jefferson died July 4,1826 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This will be a 4th of July to remember. After leaving Monticello we went down the road to Michie's Tavern.

Michie Tavern was established in1784 and served as a social center where traveler's could get food,drinks and lodging.Today you can have a mid-day fare buffet and tour the tavern. I wouldn't recommend eating there as it isn't great and is expensive for what you get. $40.00. Tour is extra.
Tomorrow we're off to Appomattox.