Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23,2010 Ft.Desoto

We arrived at the Elks in Brandon,Fl. and Larry and Cheryl are also staying here.We will only be here 2 nights and then will go to Thousand Trails Peace River till after Memorial Day.On Sunday the 4 of us went over to Ft. Desoto near St.Petersburg to do some exploring.The beach here has been rated #1 several years in a row but it was quite hot outside so we didn't explore to much.
The Don Cesar hotel is a pink beachfront icon with a romantic history.Thomas Rowe who built the Don Cesar was in Europe and fell in love with a woman named Lucinda.The couple were very much in love and they would meet at a beautiful fountain.Her parents disapproved of Rowe and forbid her from seeing him.He returned to the U.S. broken hearted and in 1924 he built the hotel which included a fountain.Employees and guests today see ghosts of them walking hand in hand.
That's it for today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 19,2010 Panama City Beach

We arrived in Panama City yesterday and will be staying 3 nights at the Elks. They have 2 electric sites and and overlook the bay. It is a very small parking area and the lodge is for sale. While we're here we met up with our old neighbor from California. She moved back to hometown of Panama Beach City a number of years ago.We met her new husband Bill and her daughter Shareen. They took us out to Sharkey's for drinks and appetizers and we had a great time catching up on all our lives.
Bill and Trish
While here we wanted to go to St. Andrews State Park and go to their beautiful white sand beach.This area is very touristy and has all kinds of condos on the beach.Thank goodness we were here in the off season.We enjoyed the nice warm water and beach on the gulf.
While here at the Elks we met another couple camping and they were from Southern california.Larry and Cheryl and Sam and I went out to dinner the last night we were here. We ended up going to the Capt's Table and had a great dinner with new friends.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17,2010 Pensacola Beach

We left Foley this morning headed to Panama City Beach. As we were driving along we passed a sign that said Ft.Pickens Gulf Islands National Seashore.We had stayed there back in 2002 and so we discussed it and decided we wanted to go back there and stay. We got turned around and went over the toll bridge to Gulf Shores. When we crossed the bridge the man in the booth handed us a paper that said we could camp on Penscola Beach free for 48 hours. Well another change of plans on where we were going to spend the night.We proceeded to the beach and got parked with our door facing the beach.Boy did we luck out.As we stepped out our door the beach was right there in our own yard.Sam was certainly enjoying this camp spot.
Beautiful white sands and warm water what else could you ask for.
We took a ride down the seashore to Navarre beach and all the houses were on stilts and painted in bright colors. We also saw some unusual places.

Here's a beautiful sunset for a beautiful day at the beach.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16,2010

Today was a do nothing day. The weather was giving us heavy rain and thunder,along with tornado warnings.We stayed in most of the day and in the evening.It stopped raining long enough so we could go over to Lambert's (home of the throwed rolls) and eat dinner. We've eaten here before back in 2002 and it was just as good as before. I just love those throwed rolls.Tomorrow we will be leaving and heading to Panama City.

May 15,2010 Naval Air Museum

One of the things we wanted to do while here was go to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. We got up this morning and arrived about 10 at the museum. This place is huge.

Sam in one cockpit trainers.
This place is immense and there's so much to do. We took a 45 minute trolley ride out to the a flight field where they have many planes. They are in the process of building another building to house all the others that are on the field.
They also have a free guided tour by volunteer retired pilots. Our tour guide gave us a informative and fun tour covering early aircraft,modern aircraft, and WW2to Korean War aircraft. In this museum they have a IMAX theater showing The Magic of Flight and the other Hubble. We chose to see the Magic of Flight,and rode along with the Blue Angels.They also have a Cubi Bar Cafe where you can have lunch,nothing special. We spent all day here and still could of spent more time. This museum is was one of the best we've seen and highly recommend it for everyone. It is also kid friendly. In closing for the day here is a photo of the Blue Angels.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14,2010 Foley,Ala.

We left Oceans Springs this morning and drove about 70 miles to Foley ,Ala. We decided to stay at the Elks since it was central to things we wanted to do. We knew some fellow skp's and boomers that were at a escapees park in Summerdale and wanted to get together with them for dinner. We hadn't seen Doug and Joann for about a 1 1/2 years in Az. They suggested we go to the Tin Top Restaurant in Bon Secour. They all had the Royal Reds Shrimp and I had Crab Augratin. Every thing was delicious. Here's Doug and Joann eating their shrimp.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 11,2010 Bellingrath Gardens

We read about Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile,Ala. and decided we'd go over there today.More than 75 years ago the Bellingraths started the gardens and home on the Foul River.There are 65 acres of beautiful flowers,shrubs and ponds.Here are some pictures of the flowers and the grounds.
When you purchase your tickets for the the gardens youcan also get tickets for their 45 minute boat ride on the river.This was a very enjoyable ride and we passed many beautiful homes.

After we finished at the gardens we took a ride over to Dauphin Island.There isn't much there except they have a old Ft. We drove around and then ended up at a golf course on the water where we had a very good lunch and view.Another great day of Livin'ez.

May 9,2010 Happy Mother's Day

Today we left and arrived at Gulf Shores National Park and Davis Bayou Campground. This is located in Ocean Springs,Mississippi. As we drove the Mississippi coast line you can see where Katrina had wiped out miles and miles of homes. These were big beautiful homes and you can see driveways going to nowhere.Every where you look places are for sale.The beach is a beautiful white sand beach and now they are being threatened with this oil spill. The oil hasn't reached the beach but all the shrimp boats and fishing boats are not going out because of the spill.This is a high resort area and there tourism is way down.
Since today is Mother's Day we went to a BBQ joint for dinner.Now this a one of a kind place to eat. It's called the Shed and this place is not fancy ,it's a experience.The guy that owns this place graduated from Ole Mississippi and he liked to go dumpster diving in garbage bins. He collected lots of junk over the years and moved to Ocean Springs and opened The Shed from all the junk he collected.The ribs and chicken were good but didn't care for sides. They were featured on the Food Network show Diners,Drive-In's and Dives.

That's it for today.

May 8,2010 Ft. Pike

Today Sam went to Ft.Pike and since I wasn't interested in going I had him drop me off at the mall. Here's a little history on the Ft. Ft. Pike was named for General Zebulon Pike and was the 1st fort built by the U.S. government.It was the 1st of 3 permanent fortifications and the 1st State Historical Site ever purchased.The fort was built to withstand attack by land or sea.
That's it for today,tomorrow to Ocean Springs,Ms.

May 12,2010 Mississippi Gulf

Today we took a ride down the coast just to take our time and take in the view. With the oil spill there aren't many out on the beach. The beach is a beautiful sugar white sand. We drove around the area and you can see where homes from Katrina had been wiped out. Here's the beach.
Homes after Katrina and stairs leading to nowhere.

That's about it for today.