Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quartzsite Jan. 2010

We left for Quartzsite on the 2nd Jan and arrived at TJ’S Corner for the month. I wasn’t feeling good since we left Park Sierra on the 26th Dec. The first week did go too bad and we were able to go the skp’s happy hour and got to see lots of old friends.Here’s everyone pigging out.Happy Hour and Az. sunset Jan. 2010 005

While at the camp the sunsets are beautiful.Happy Hour and Az. sunset Jan. 2010 002

After this it was all down hill for me. I was going to give Sam a 70th birthday party but ended up canceling. I got terribly sick running a temp at 103, dehydrated, and anemic as well has kidney a count very high. Sam ended taking  me to Parker Hospital where I ended up for 4 days.After getting out of the hospital I stayed in Rv until the 30th and was finally able to get outside. Yeah,feeling almost normal again.I was sorry I couldn’t visit with all our friends and be a part of the festivities this month but there’s always next year.On the 1st we will head to Benson.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Jan. 2010

What a great day to start the New Year.On the bus at 630 a.m. to go to see the Rose Parade. This was on my bucket list and it didn’t disappoint us. What a beautiful day to see all the great floats. A lot of hard work and love goes into the making of these floats and the flowers were beautiful. This float was the theme of the parade,A Cut Above The Rest.Rose Parade 2009 009

Next came the Salute to the Bands supported by Farmer’s Ins.

Rose Parade 2009 015

Here’s Jack’s Samba Carnival

Rose Parade 2009 036                     

Inline Skaters

Rose Parade 2009 140

Magnificent Tales of Health/Kaiser Permanente

Rose Parade 2009 146

Barnyard Aces

Rose Parade 2009 077

Look Ma No Hands

Rose Parade 2009 097

After the parade we went to view all the floats and the flowers were beautiful. Here’s some up close.   

Rose Parade 2009 206Rose Parade 2009 201Rose Parade 2009 180Rose Parade 2009 202

We had a great time and I hope someday all of you will get a chance to see all the The Tournament Of Roses festivities at least once.