Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29,2008 Yellowstone

We arrived at the Lower Falls and it was amazing and beautiful. WOW! We could spend alot of time just relaxing and taking in this view.This is a photo of the falls close up.
Next we have a view of the canyon and the falls. WOW is all we can say.
After we left the Lower Falls we went to the Upper Falls. It was very nice but not as striking as the Lower Falls. A must see if you go to Yellowstone.
Here we have the rapids along the Yellowstone River.
As we were driving back from the falls we came upon a Bison swimming across the river. I couldn't get any closer with my camera but know we know they can swim across rivers.
Hayden Valley is an old lake bed formed by glaciers in the last Ice Age.Here you can see lots of wildlife in valley. We are at the begining of the Mud Volcano trail and this is a picture of the "Cooking Hillside. Small earthquakes shake the ground and this becomes a area of steam and a cooking hillside.
The Churning Caldron
This is the churning caldron,it was a cooler spring before the earthquake in 1978 and super heated the water now at 164 degrees throwing water out 3-5 ft. high.
Next on the trail we came to the Grizzly Fumarole. A fumarole is a steam vent. During the dry periods if you listen closely you may hear hot water hissing.
Mud Volcano is described as the most repulsive and terrifying sight,a volcano-like cone 30 by 30 feet spewing mud as high as trees. A bubbling mass of mud and the grey colored water is constantly undercutting the back wall.
Dragon's Mouth Spring got is name from steam snorting out like the tongue of a dragon.
It's been a long day so we'll just relax this evening.See where tomorrow takes us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27,2008 Buffalo Bill Dam

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24, 2008 Cody

Today we arrived in Cody and stayed at Walmart.They told us we were allowed to stay 3 days and it filled up on the side of the store with rv's.We went to Buffalo Bill Museum and this place is so big you need 2 days. They have lots of sculptures outside and inside the building.This is one of Sacgawea and her son. Sam and I in front of sculpture.
This is one of a Bull Elk strutting his stuff.

They have many stuffed animals. One section has lots stuffed animals.
Another sculpture.
Another sculpture inside the museum.

One of the many silver saddles.
There are lots of bear sculptures in different positions and painted colorful.
There was also a replica of Remington's studio.Buffalo Bill died in 1917 but his legacy lives on. This is such a amazing place I would recommend everyone going here if your in the area.
Cody is a old west town and in front of the old Irma Hotel they have a shootout every evening.It was fun to sit and watch all the old western characters.
A fun time in Cody and next on to Yellowstone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23,2008 Thermopolis

We arrived in Thermopolis and pulled into the Eagle Rv Park. Thermopolis is a unique town as it has the World's largest Mineral Hot Springs.They also have a fantastic Dinosaur Museum and dig site. After going to the museum we took a tour around Hot Springs State Park. Mineral hot springs deposits adorn the park. There are many terraces showing the many minerals in the waters.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22,2008 Wind River Canyon

Today we are headed for the town of Thermopolis.We came to Wind canyon and Boysen Reservoir and decided to stop and spend the night even though it was early.There were quite a few campgrounds around Boysen Reservoir and we stayed at one that was along the Shoshoni River.No hookups but only $12 for the night.This is the beginning of Wind River Canyon and is quite pretty on your way to Themopolis.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21,2008 Tires and Jewel Cave

The last few days we were resting up and cleaning the motorhome so no blog. Today we left Hart Ranch and before going to far we had to make a stop at the tire store. Well it turns out we had to put on 4 new tires. We had bought a new one for the spare in May and the other tires seemed to be in good shape. As it turned out we spent $1212. on three new tires and had the 4th also mounted.Ouch that hurt. Well we should be good for awhile.We left the tire store and stopped at Jewel Cave.
Jewel Cave is the 2nd longest cave in the U.S.and in the world. This seems to be a very popular cave to visit.There are usually waiting lines in the summer months to take the tours. One of the tours that is popular is the lantern tour and hard to get tickets for and one other for the more adventurous is the 4 hour spelunking tour.
After we left the cave we continued on and ended up spending the night in Douglas,Wy. at Riverside city park. We pulled up and parked along the fence. There was no one here and it was free.This park is along the Platte River and a good overnight stop.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17,2008 Mt.Rushmore and Needles Highway

We decided today to take the Needles Highway and go to Mt Rushmore. The Needles Highway is a 14 mile spectacular drive through rugged granite mountains,tunnels,mile high views and hairpin turns. Here's picturesque Sylvan Lake.
Our next stop will be Mt Rushmore. The first place to come to is the orientation desk where you can get a hand-held audio tour.You can stroll up the Avenue of the Flags and take a photo of the Presidents in the background.
In the Visitor's Center they have a 13 minute film on the memorial and the President's.Make sure you see the film. They also have the President's trail which gives you close up views of the faces.
Along the trail is Borglum's studio and we ran into a couple of Mt. Goats. What a nice surprise.
They have a evening program with a lighting ceremony at 9p.m. but we didn't return as it was about 6 when we left. I'm sure it's nice but we were tired.Ithink we will relax the next few days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16,2008 Crazy Horse

We met a couple of Escapees at Hart Ranch and they invited us to go to Crazy Horse Memorial with them. We had been there about 20 years ago and so much has changed. Crazy Horse was started by Ziolkowski in 1939 and will be the world's largest sculpture when finished.Ziolkwoski died in 1982 but his wife and 10 children continue to work on it to this day. They have built a museum, restaurant and and a beautiful complex. You could spend most of the day there.
Photos of Mr.and Mrs. Ziolkowski dressed in there traditional costumes.

I urge everyone to go see Crazy Horse and all the exhibits.It was a fun day with new friends.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15,2008 Custer State Park

Today we are taking the wildlife loop in Custer State Park. Our first stop will be the State Game Lodge. This lodge was known as the lodge of the Presidents. Calvin Coolidge used this as a 2nd White house and Eisenhower also stayed here. Next we're off to see some wildlife. We're hoping to get lucky and see lots of different animals. First we came to a stop on the road when the bison decided to wander down the road. They'll move in there own time. Here's a bison up close and personal. We got to see lots of proghorn and watched them for some time.Their such pretty animal

On our drive we came to Wind Cave.Wind Cave is the 4th largest cave in the world with 119 miles of boxwork,frost work and popcorn formations. They have 5 different tours to choose from and last from 1 hour to 4 hours. We took one of the tours that lasted 1-1/2 hours. Here's some photos inside the cave.

It's been a long day and a most enjoyable one,but were ready to call it a day and head back to camp.